Wear Ruffles like a LADY !

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Ruffle trends and spring fashion

Ruffles in style

Ruffles flashed through 2017 Spring fashion scene reminding us what we left behind long ago: those girly vibes invariably attached to the innocent 1970s and 80s. And we are not past it yet. The trend is staying for now and encroaching feminine wardrobes more aggressively than ever. What’s new is :-

  1. Its not just for the girls, it’s for the women who wish to dare and carry a bit of feminine elegance in their every-day.
  2. Not just weekends but all work days.

If Frills and Ruffles have lain on the line of control and you feel clueless on how to do them like a Lady, I have come up with a few ideas you should definitely try today.

1. On the Shirts -just a few around the chest

Ruffles on a top


2. On the Skirt Hems

ruffled skirt


3. On the Socks -just add heels

ruffled socks


4. On the Sleeves bigger than usual

ruffled sleeve


5On the Purse

Ruffled clutch purse


6. On a Pant’s border

ruffled pants


7. On the Loafers

Ruffled loafers


8As Earrings

ruffle earrings


9On Denim Hems

ruffles in denim trend


10As an Add-on Collar

Ruffles collar trend


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How to wear ruffles like a woman

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