10 Innovative Ways to Reuse and Recycle Old Lipsticks

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Some ideas lead you to places you would like to go penniless. Like reuse and recycle what you already have than buying a new one. Below are some of the best ideas to use your existing lipsticks in a totally new way:

use old lipstick as eye-primer

Use your old beige and neutral lipsticks as a base for eye-makeup!

eye-liner from old lipstick

Use your dark shaded lipsticks in red and maroon for an eyeliner.

Lip gloss from old lipstick

Mix your left over lippie with a bit of Vaseline to get a brand new lip gloss.

Use old lipsticks for eyebrows makeup


Use leftovers of brown tinged lipsticks as eyebrow fillers. You don’t need costly Eyebrow palettes every time for those shapely brows!


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