10 Innovative Ways to Reuse and Recycle Old Lipsticks

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Contour with old lipstick

Picture explains it all. Above is the reason why brown lipstick is the most versatile lip shade to possess. Use it to produce shadows while contouring your face or body.


Use old lipstick as colored mascara

If you are the one to stash blue, black and green lipsticks for goth makeup (or lets say you are a bold experimenter ), you know how to use them now.


Custom colour from used old lipsticks

Mixing left over lipsticks in a nearly similar shades in varying proportions, will get you some of the coolest shades you never imagined you can make. So try mixing the leftovers after melting them (a microwave for 3-4 seconds or double-boiler as you do for a chocolate).

tinted lip balm from lipstick

Mix the leftover lipstick with a small bit of melted beeswax or coconut oil in winters to make your own tinted lip-balm.

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