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3 DICTUMS to elevate your Travel Wardrobe

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How to upgrade travel wardrobe

By the phenomenon of common juxtaposition as we lesser beings practice on a daily basis, knowingly or not so, what may seem an important life question to one individual may not mean a thing to another. While some may wink at the mere thought of a clearer thought process, other might not even open an eye. Yet whatever the question may be, important or unimportant, pursuit of a solution is a must and a life-enriching at the same time, and thus, must always be sought.

To all thou who have travelled and love to travel more, one such question, at one time or another, might have held a certain significance. To uncover or decipher the secret of dressing well while traveling. Yours truly has been of the past where her need of comfort has invaded and hopelessly superseded style for many a years and the answer lurked as a phantom in the dark. Needless to mention several foiled hope-laden dressing attempts and a handful of fashion fiascoes. Add to that the surmounting frustration that pushes the boundaries of impossible to the possible.

To help you in the matters of elevating your travel wardrobe, i now present what i call my 3 rules.

Below are the rules I am living by for now, more like the 3 Dictums of upgrading my Travel Outfits.

1.Think before you Choose your Pieces

Choice of uncomplicated pieces, devoid of rigid cuts and tight fittings, that restrict easy movements of limbs, is a must. That simply doesn’t mean dressing shabby. Slouchy pants, stretchable denims and cargo trousers would be the ideal contenders, while over-slouchiness or flares should always be avoided, unless you want prickly shrubs and branches to pull you back as they entangle your outfit, especially while hiking.

One won’t be inappropriate, though, to choose long flowing dresses while travelling mainly in plain areas.

2.Intelligent Color Palette

Careful use of a color palette that is well coordinated and complements each other well is an intelligent bet. We strictly warn against complicated printed pieces in uncoordinated color palette that is an instant source of confusion transmitted from the eyeball to the brain of the observer. The third Dictum is the reason why second holds so much of the importance. Read on…

3. Room to Augment

The Third Dictum asserts the use of interesting add-ons like scarves, belts, necklaces to further extend and build upon the above mentioned uncomplicated outfit. All these dainties would work towards the preparation of ‘The Greater Travel Outfit’. Especially comes in handy for fickle inclinations while shopping jewelry on the go (one of the things I love the most while travelling). I am sure you all would grab a few more interesting pieces this way.


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Pick up intelligent add-ons like sweaters to travel wardrobe

Do these dictums appeal to you? Any improvisations?

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tips to upgrade travel wardrobe

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