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How to Relax in the Busy Life: 7 Unusually Effective ways!

New ways to relax in a busy life
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Everyone is Busy in a circle like round and wound-up life, next thing we know is Life gets over without relaxing a bit. The Question is often unsaid and unasked but we need to unwind and relax in the Busiest of times for optimal mental health and also physical well-being. From what Life has taught me, these 7 ways have been tried and tested ways, much like instant Rejuvenators in all those tough times and there are plenty of good reasons you should give some of these a try, some time soon.



This is the best thing you can gift yourself to relax. Once in a while, learn to shut off your Television, Mobiles, Tablets and PCs. Or put them in a Sleep mode for about 15 to 30 mins. (Those whining at the idea, we know how busy you really are! Updates on the facebook CAN really / actually WAIT). This gives you time to be alone and think about the other beautiful aspects of life apart from your mainstream work or career. You may be surprised to see people and things around you that can actually make you a happier person- a child’s laugh, watching a real scenery from your home’s balcony and not a movie shot by someone else. No distractions, I would highly recommend to take some time out for yourself alone everyday- 5mins? 10? 15? Small things done regularly have great impact in a few weeks time.


Yes you heard errr… read this right. Take time out to Exercise or even Meditate. There was a time I hated exercising and now I know it was more about the HYPE I made it to be in my mind than anything else. Don’t think and overthink, mind will play all sorts of games to deter an exercise plan- coz’ it loves to NOT-WORK. Exercising doesn’t have to be an hour or even half an hour. 10-15 mins is enough. Not only to loose some weight but also to relax. Exercising releases ‘feel-good’ hormones and help in achieving a more satisfying and relaxing outlook towards life.

Don’t Binge eat. Though it looks like a stupid idea, it is actually what people do to waste the time alone. Alone time must be productive for you, not destructive. Binging doesn’t only increase your weight, it also diminishes self-esteem as a result of the resulting unhealthiness. As in the ancient science of Ayurveda, the more you declutter your body by abandoning the wrong type of food and eating habits (which is an excess burden on the body), the more efficient your all bodily processes would become. If only you stop binging without putting a thought to it, mind will also declutter and purify- a Plus for overall relaxation as Mind Rules All.


You are busy because you have many roles to play- a family to look after, a job and a social circle to maintain. Well so does she, and he and many many others. Still some of them are more happier and relaxed than you probably are at present. This is so because they know how to Multitask and juggle the work efficiently or wisely any which way. Take a few moments and think how to manage many similar jobs together at a time. Slowly learn to make it a habit till it becomes effortless. Some efficient simple tricks can give you some EXTRA time to relax and enjoy your dear relations.

You think Breathing and stretching for a while would just add to laziness? It’s not really so. If you feel lazy, plug in those earphones and listen to some calming music, chants or smooth jazz. I love doing it even in the background while working on my desktop and it really works in relaxing. Few minutes a day is also enough. Or you may sit down rather than lying down to stay more taut.

There is always a scope for a Power Nap. It is called a Power Nap for a reason. It’s not about sleeping for hours at a stretch but for a few minutes- 15-25 mins. It resets the whole energy cycle for the body. To practice “power Napping”, remember 2 things:

  • Put a LOUD alarm on and preferably out of a hand’s reach.
  • Don’t think about the exact time you started sleeping.
  • Don’t put extra pressure to sleep fast and that you need to get up so early. Just let it be. Thinking contrary also helps: e.g. I have lots of time to sleep and I can take my time to sleep- it’s not a big thing anyway.

Just do this once in a while and see its refreshing and relaxing effects on Mind and Energy.

It’s a good idea to read some inspirational books and uplifting Quotes like that of Buddha in your ‘lone time. Also simple activities like sipping a cup of coffee or tea. Scout for the lone time you have and still don’t know about it. Like while you travel from home to work or the way back or a TV show with about 15 mins of ad-break for a 30 mins episode. Lone time is also good to understand yourself and your life. This small exercise will make you understand that you are not as Busy as you think you are and that you have more time for yourself than before. It’s only about learning how to Declutter!



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7 Unique Ways to Relax in a Busy Life
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7 Unique Ways to Relax in a Busy Life
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