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A Restaurant Affair

a restaurant story
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Whether it was a mere chance, or presentation of it was long due for, it occurred to me quiet recently, in my visit to a restaurant, that their offering of condiments and sauces was meagre. So meagre was the quantity of whose proportion was to the offering or ordered food, that it gathered my swift attention. We were being offered 1 tomato sauce sachet for one king size burger and 1 sugar packets per cup of cappuccino. Asking for more sauces (if more than 2 total numbers), resulted in insolent faces of the attending counter-men. Hesitant but still firm in his assertion, he replied “Extra charge for each sauce packet ma’am”. “For heaven’s sake, what am I hearing? Is that true?” I asked myself. “No he surely doesn’t mean to say that”, I thought by the time he had repeated his assertion again, this time in a more resolute and authoritative manner.

I almost got angry by the time when another thought took over me :“Maybe all of this was to decrease the wastage of resources”. Living in a rich country or poor, or any country of the world for that matter, doesn’t emancipate the use of resources more judiciously. Not long after was it, that I had forgotten this incident as happens with daily mundane cycle of activities/ chores in life, that we remember yet forget for a smooth, painless, thoughtless moving on process hitherto.



One day, not more than a week after above discussed day, I happened to visit another of these restaurants, this time the so called another ‘Food Chain’ which had made it BIG. And to my amazement, similar incident followed. “That’s the way it is ma’am. Now these extra services are chargeable at a nominal cost.”

Discussions with the fellow mates accompanying me, revealed no solitary good reason for such behavior but everyone paid more for ‘extra’ asked condiments as if it were not a part of so called ‘Meal’ that was ordered. Nobody questioned them but paid. Isn’t falling short of flavors in a restaurant akin to remaining thirsty after reaching a well.

The question is also that – What compels these multi-millionaire, multi-national food chains to act in this manner? As a part of civilized cultured society, an individual is encrypted with certain set of etiquette, those that if we keep on living with will refrain us from behaving so to our guests (more so clients, if not guests per se!). It’s as if teachings that were supposed to permeate our thoughts have just percolated and not imbibed. Maybe we are living in an age of mistakes. Saving these Nitty- gritties and knic knacks and further charging for them, can make these industries a few million dollars richer, but at what cost? There are many clients that are feeling constantly let-down, if not cheated and internet threads on this subject are an affirmative proof of that.

No matter what or how much ever these ‘Big-Shot’ setups have accomplished in business definitions, doesn’t all this render all these accomplishments tasteless?

You have been there I know. Got anything to say?

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a restaurant story

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