Subremesa About me page



Sobremesa: Spanish- Time spent around the table after a meal, talking to the people you shared it with; time to digest and savor both food and friendship.

Su (prefix): Name- Surabhi Rawat

Subremesa is a source of fashion and lifestyle inspiration for the stylist in all of us. It’s about finding beauty and glamour in oneself unbiased by trends and commercials and about defining one’s own unique personal style, not fearing to challenge them from time-to-time in the constant pursuit of being the best adjective of oneself.

It’s about knowing that every nifty penny has a ‘cost’ that every dollar may not have, that essential can have a style that extravagance may not. Its about knowing that self-realization can strengthen you more than a mirror.

It’s the mandate to a stylish and gratifying life.


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