Uses of Virgin Coconut Oil for Beauty and Health

unusual uses for virgin coconut oil
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Lately I wrote a review about one of the best coconut oils I ever used. Considering winter is here, I thought it wasn’t fair of me not to inform you about its uses in daily life. Wondered what I did with about 2 Ltrs of that stuff? Here’s a list of things you too can do with Organic Virgin coconut oil:

1. Deep Skin Conditioner:

Pure Organic Virgin Coconut oil is an excellent skin moisturizer and deep conditioner and so it’s always a great idea to keep some near your kitchen sink for parched hands, cracked heels or dried lips. It’s literally my post-bath massage oil nowadays and retains moisture for the whole long day through, much better than the regular body lotions. It penetrates the skin and hair deeply to maintain adequate hydration.

2. Post-Shaving Lotion:

Just whip it up to a fluffy consistency and it would pleasantly replace your post-shave cream or lotion because of 2 benefits- first that it is both preventative and curative for bacterial, viral and fungal infections and Secondly, it has skin hydrating properties to keep post-shave legs and underarms soft.

3. Makeup Highlighter:

You can lightly dab a minimal amount of Virgin coconut oil over the makeup on cheekbones to create a dewy finish of a highlighter. Many cosmetics use coconut oil as base ingredient too and doesn’t cause break-outs.

4. Remove Makeup:

I use this all the time to remove makeup. It’s especially safe for delicate area around eyes (eyes don’t water) and great for removing notorious mascaras. Take a few drops on palm, smear and massage all over face and around eyes in circular motions. Let it sit for a while (2 mins) and then swipe clear with fresh cotton balls. Follow this up with Clean and Clear face wash. That’s all.

5. Hair Conditioner:

I like to sleep with it for a whole long night on head with a shower cap on (as a hair mask) and shampoo it the next morning. It makes hair shiny and nourished. Dandruff is also cured. I even add a spoon while preparing my Heena mixture (to avoid post-Heena dryness) and it works like a charm.

6. While Swimming-

Smear it all over the body before taking your next dip in the pool to avoid ultra-drying effects of chlorinated water. Also keeps rashes and infections at bay.

7. Baby Oil-

Due to its water retaining and anti-bacterial properties, its best used as daily baby oil for toddlers.

8. Instant Energy-

It’s also a source of instant energy due to the presence of Satiating nourishing fats (MCT-Medium Chain Saturated Fatty Acids) that boost metabolism for immediate energy. Hence fats are not stored in the body and are readily used.

9. Weight Loss-

Taking it 1-2tsf daily morning with warm water and lemon (before breakfast or even pre-meals) will reduce appetite and make you feel satiated sooner thus aiding in weight-loss. It can be used in cooking or mixed with other dishes in a raw form too.

10. Oil Pulling-

Organic Coconut oil is a great option for Oil Pulling. It is an efficient Method to avoid and treat acne, skin scars, white and blackheads.

11. Oil Cleaning for teeth-

Personally I have found coconut oil best for Oil Cleaning purposes. It is more palatable and results are great too.

12. As a Sunscreen-

Do you know that Pure Virgin Coconut oil has SPF 4 which can resist 75% of Sun’s radiation for a good 1-2hrs? Who needs sunscreen tubes now?

13. Body Scrub-

A cheap and easy DIY body scrub I usually like to make while travelling, is an easy recipe made with granulated sugar or brown sugar and coconut oil at your home’s ease.

14. Cooking and Baking-

It has a very high smoke point making it ideal for cooking at high temperatures. Also try to partly replace butter with coconut oil while baking, it’s a healthier option. I like putting half tsf in Kheer or Muesli breakfast for lovely aroma and mild refreshing taste.




What’s your favorite way to use Coconut Oil ? Anyone from the above?

unusual uses for virgin coconut oil

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