Saving Bodycon for a Rainy Day

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There are two universal truths of the moment:  Every summer has to be hotter than the last one and that each has to be followed by a sweaty stifling aura of post-rain apocalypse. At least that is what seems to be the matter accompanying my daily groceries and neighbors. There are of course a few other matters like 3C’s of Corruption, life Crises and Contamination. Also there are some others, to be better left mentioned under the pursed lips to the very very close ones, like this outfit could be much better with a particular slip or panties underneath or how this whole look could be pulled up a bit more elegantly apart from who could not do so (even when given a situation and a favorable circumstance).

Then there are truths like those one or two generations above you conceptualize staring at those mandala wraps and pyjamas that you flash with the sense of de Nuevo fashion trend with a laptop you can’t lay your eyes off for a bit ‘coz ‘thinking what they think’ is stupid anyways.



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There’s no absolute truth in this post except how surprisingly comfortable a well fitted bodycon can be in this season. Unexpectedly paired with a kurti I visualized doubling as an airy kimono.  Aside another truth that it took literally two minutes to slip into this, thus saving the energy for other important things like prepping my coffee mug.  The Ultimate truth I can’t ignore: With or without clothes, my system just can’t function without Caffeine!



Get the Look:

  • Bodycon by Stalkbuylove (similar here and here)
  • Kurti via Myntra (similar here)
  • Heels via Cupid (here)



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