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Best Rakhi Gifts for MARRIED sisters

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7 The SHARP Dressers

These creatures are widespread. You bet on it. Lol! I have chosen a courtly Sari, a classy Biba kurta and a high grade Leather handbag by Hidesign to suit women with matured tastes. On a relaxed note, you also get options of a well-bred Maxi dress from Global Desi, a Fast-track eye-gear and a primp leather cross-body sling bag. Also No woman can say no to these Steve Madden Heels.



8 The SCHOLARLY Cerebrals

You’d know a Geek when you have one. It’s almost impossible to miss. Take it as one more reason to hit your sister’s nerdy intellect with games like Chess, Board games or Chinese checkers. If she is interested in Calligraphy, I suggest a great learning Calligraphy Book, Pens and Nibs Set to get her started on that. A KINDLE is also a splendid idea to get her talking to the men of past (coming from the proud owner of a Kindle Paperwhite)!



9 The GYPSY Travelers

So she is a Traveller and just can’t keep her feet grounded at one place for long. It’s your turn to acknowledge her with a Rucksack, an elegant leather Travel kit, A Binocular, a Charming Briefcase scrolley and a much needed Hands-free for travel. And if she is planning to beaches any time soon, what better than a Lady Sunhat and a Mandala beach mat? Oh and how can you forget those Wireless Speakers? Let her dance to her best MP3s remembering you every time she plays on it.



1 0  The JEWELRY Lovers

A little bit of bling does more good than you can imagine. Especially for those who are jewellery love-lorn. Considering all soberness, sophistication and refinement, I have narrowed down some lovely safe choices in the slide below including two exquisite Jewellery-Boxes, silver Earring, silver Payal, a Nosering, a Polki Necklace set and a Kundan Kamarband. You can touch and go buy these at any time.



You might have found something of your sister somewhere in the lists above. Just look Carefully .Then add some afterthought to the old memoirs. Your sister is just the same. Only times do change, but the person remains the same.


This post took me quite a while and effort, but you give me the reason to write and come up with new ideas every day. Thanks a lot to you all for that!

best gifts for married sisters

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