Boroline Uses and Unknown Benefits for Beauty

Uses Benefits and Beauty Hacks of Boroline
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Boroline has often been an ignored item, visible on and off, at the nook of my dressing table. Because of it being so much a part of daily routine in mine, my mother’s and grandmother’s life in the past, it has lost its charm to the point of nothingness. In past winters, when I was battling with dry itchy skin, I was trying this, that and what not. That is when Boroline helped me a lot and I decided to write this article some time in future as we all have forgotten it’s incredible uses and benefits.

1. Softens Dried and Chapped Lips:

If you have this problem, it is mostly because of inadequate hydration i.e. drinking less water. In order to get some relief, this is an added trick apart from improving your water intake. It works right from the first night. I like to use it at night as it is sticky and will bother you lesser while in sleep. Right? But it can be used in the daytime. It’s totally up to you. In a few days, lips get almost totally recovered and supple.

2. Dry knees and elbows:

Don’t you see some people having so dry and leathery hard skin over knees and elbows; it nearly turns black and rubbery? It is mostly due to repeated trivial trauma on these sites and lack of moisture in the skin. One can improve the texture of the skin and hydration by adding a bit of Boroline in daily routine. Black pigmentation will also improve with time.

3. Remove waterproof Makeup:

We all know removing waterproof makeup is such a pain with plain water. It is effectively removed with the help of a makeup remover or small amount of Boroline. Apply on eye shadows and mascaras in circular motion with eyes closed. Then wipe it off with a soft cotton ball. Repeat similar process to remove foundations.

A Tip: If you find Boroline too thick or sticky to apply, use baby oil like Johnson’s and do the same procedure to remove any kind of waterproof makeup.


4. Cuticle Softener:

A small amount of Boroline is an excellent Cuticle softener for finger nails and toes. Just smear on the cuticles and massage in gently. Then leave it as such and notice significantly improved nail health after a few days.

5. Sunburns & Mosquito Bites:

nearly vanish within 7 days of regular application.

6. Replace expensive night cream:

Try swapping your specialized expensive night cream with this small and cheap beauty product and see the benefit yourself.

7. Rough callus and Cracks on feet:

People with rough skin/ callus on the base of their feet SHOULD use it at night, preferably after soaking their feet in hot salted water for 15 mins followed by a light scrubbing. I can’t praise it enough for repairing painful cut heels (it has helped my mother a lot in the past days).

Boroline use for burns

8. Repairs wounds:

Small cuts and wounds get repaired fast with this cream. It is a great antiseptic and helps eliminate chances of infection in wounds. But remember to NOT insert Boroline inside a deep cuts or deep abrasions.

9. Smoothens & Improves facial skin:

Being beneficial for dry patches on skin and seasonal eczema/ skin allergies, applying Boroline also improves the texture of the facial skin and makes it very soft and supple. But if your skin is Oily and acne-prone, I would advise you to avoid using or start applying it only in the affected areas first and notice first.

10.Under eye Cream:

For people with a lot of work on the computer screen and those who sleep less at night, there is always a tendency to develop under-eye black circles. They should try using Boroline as under eye cream for a few months and the problem will be alleviated.

11. Hand Cream:

It is also one of the cheapest and most effective Hand creams you will ever find that make a noticeable difference. For women whose hands are largely exposed to water in their daily lives, should definitely keep this handy and apply whenever possible.

This cream is available in small travel-friendly tubs other than in the traditional metal tubes and the texture has improved – i.e. less sticky and thick. What’s best is that it’s very readily available too.

Want to order online and not step out to the market? Available below:

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