Browned or Burnt?

how to wear pleated skirts
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brown pleated skirt outfit

brown pleated skirt outfit idea

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Some things obviously differ in the interpretations with the matters of viewpoint.  An anonymous link transports me to ‘black is beautiful’ while Googling entirely something else, and I can’t complain, not because why the hell but ‘coz who the hell to? And related terms- any guesses?  Burnt, Dark, Browned, Tanned and Golden. Call a Burnt orange a Brown. Different Same thing. Right?  Burnt orange is principally a different colour. Now call a Golden ring a tanned ring. What rubbish? Call a tanned beauty golden- Ah Good. Say let’s go to the beach and get all Golden- hmm… Getting there. Beware- don’t get Burnt enough in the Sunnies to get Dark Golden.  Humbug! That Bureaucratic argle-bargle.  Would you call Chocolate burnt or browned, a Tanned bar or a Golden Bar.

There isn’t a confusion about the above outfit though. That’s a Dark Chocolaty brown skirt (not burnt Oh Dear!), and that a Deep Orangy Orange silk scarf. No other way to interpret that. Give me a bummer.


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Skirt- here, Scarf- here, Top-here , Heels- here and Sachel-here.

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