Coconut Oil Pulling for Teeth: Here’s How and Why!

uses and benefits of oil pulling
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coconut oil for teeth oil pulling

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Every once in a while some new health and fitness Funda emerges out of the storm as a brand new gimmick that actually Works. Only after a few days we realize it’s what our ancestors knew since ages. ‘Old’ and ‘Natural’ are back in trend. This time: How can you use coconut to whiten teeth and maintain oral hygiene? That’s what coconut Oil Pulling is all about.

Oil Pulling is actually a traditional Ayurvedic Dental Health practice mentioned in Charak Samhita and named as ‘Kaval’ or ‘Gandush’ which is known to cure about 30 systemic diseases. The process claims to purify the entire system; as each section of the tongue is connected to different organ such as to the kidneys, lungs, liver, heart, small intestines, stomach, colon, and spine.

Procedure: Take a teaspoonful or a comfortable amount of Coconut oil in your mouth and swish around for 15-20 mins and then spit. That’s it! It is a simple rejuvenating treatment, which, when done routinely, enhances the senses, maintains clarity, brings about a feeling of freshness, and invigorates the mind.


  1. The oil draws the toxins and bacteria from the circulating blood of oral cavity (and hence whole body causing systemic benefits).
  2. It also breaks over-build up of plaque and stains (from smoking or tobacco).
  3. Helps immensely in eliminating bad-breath.
  4. Some people claim it helps them to get over a bad hangover.
  5. Cavity and Gingivitis problems are prevented.
  6. Strong Teeth and gums.
  7. Less Jaw pain, headaches, sinus issues.
  8. Helps in Sleep problems.
  9. Helps in Skin Issues like Acne, Psoriasis and Eczema and cracked lips.

Over the time, one would definitely notice an improved overall oral health. By personal experience, I have found this method very true to its claims and would highly recommend this to everyone. Though always remember that it needs to be a regular habit.


oil pulling benefits

Things to Definitely Consider:

  1. Do this preferably on empty stomach in the morning for best effect.
  2. Holding the oil for 15-20mins in the mouth will not be easy in the beginning but will get better with the time. Try to build up slowly on time.
  3. Make it a regular practice (everyday or every alternate day) and not just for once in a while.
  4. A proper brushing routine with toothpaste should be continued as usual. Oil pulling is not a replacement for brushing.
  5. In cold weather, coconut oil solidifies to a whitish cream which is easier to scoop with a spoon.
  6. Always spit out the oil in the dustbin and not in sinks as it can clog the drains.
  7. Oil pulling can be done with Coconut oil, Sesame oil and Sunflower oil. Personally I have found coconut oil the best oil for oil pulling because it is most gentle and palatable (not pungent or irritable) for the purpose. That really increases your chances of sticking with the habit for a long time. Besides Coconut oil contains Lauric Acid (a fatty acid) which is a proven antimicrobial (helps kill bacteria, fungi and viruses).

Have you Tried Oil Pulling?

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uses and benefits of oil pulling

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Coconut Oil Pulling method for teeth
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Coconut Oil Pulling method for teeth
How to do Oil Pulling. Its incredible benefits for teeth whitening and healthy teeth. Also important things to consider while doing Oil Pulling at home!
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