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Day Alpha

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Alpha: the beginning.

The very first day of schooling is also my first remembrance of apprehension. Maybe it is so for some of you too. And I am sure those were the days, when once over, with me being fitter in the niche, I thought this was for once and for all and I was all done with it forever.


styling a palazzo


But as time had it, now and again was I there. In uncomfortable apprehensive situations which were never ever welcomed, but sneaking into my time-space and evoking that same blood rush and the very same grumbling tummy I hated so much.

And the feeling never seemed to mellow down like rough edges difficult to smoothen. There were tests, there were results, there were interviews, there were tasks that I had never faced and then there were people. The hard facts of life? These were definitely the problems, hence the apprehension.


Belt on palazzo


But the solution is quiet simple. All these years of education and experience should be enough to empower anyone find the simple answer. Anything can make you only as much uncomfortable as you allow it. Allow is a big word and it does make all the difference. Neither is it a battle of one against the situation. It’s a simple logical way to be. As simple and straightforward as a teetotaler.


For a walk

Sitting in Palazzo


And this simple straight answer has been a way of life. For instance, Today was my first day of shoot. An all new effort. A whole new chapter in my blogging.
Now that I am being thrown with one more such day, I would call it The Day Alpha.

Cheers!!! To the Day Alpha.



Ensemble :

Palazzo: Lajpath Nagar Market

Top:  Connought Place shop

Belt: Splash/Heels: Local shoe shop

Bag: Jabong.com


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