Best Gifting Ideas from Store 99

Some of the best cheap gift ideas from Store 99 India
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Found guilty of not Blogging and meeting my lovely readers for the past 1 and a half week (on account of my flat’s renovation), I apologetically bring you some of the best gifting ideas from Store 99 as per my latest visit to The Great India Palace Mall, Delhi. The thought of this post comes for College and school students who may find it interesting to explore budget friendly gifting options from an easily accessible store nearby. Store 99 is one such store which is easy to locate and frequently adds interesting items to its inventory. It was Christmas recently and New Year is aptly near. So wishing you all a very Happy New Year in advance with this post. Also mentioning that all the items featured in this post are below Rs 300.

Ceramic serving bowls and sauce-servers above ranged between Rs125 to 300.


These coffee mugs (set of 3) with aesthetically pleasing designs costed somewhere around Rs 225. The size is just ideal for a coffee but a bit bigger for serving tea (unless you love to drink a lot of tea in one go).


Multicolored Soup Bowls for your noodles cost just Rs 80 onward and a careful assembly of colors on the table can win many hearts.


These ceramic painted plates were about Rs125 per piece and many designs were lovely.


I just loved the way these look. Brass outside and steel inside make them useful as a utensil but I fancied them as decor pieces on Wooden tables and chests.



This decorative Wall clock is for Rs 249 and comes in both brass and silver metal colors though it is just a painted plastic. It’s a neat and plush design that can complement almost any wall color.


These Lanterns are hollowed tubes with designs carved out on their surface. One can put a candle inside or even fairy-lights/ LEDs for a and throw a candle light dinner. These too were cheap falling in Rs 190-250 range.


This handy jewelry box made up of wood to stash your daily makeup and jewelry costs as low as Rs 175. Nothing very fancy about the box, it has a glass see-through lid – something that I really liked. On Sundays, plan the looks for a week ahead and put all related makeup and earrings. A simple idea to make it easier carrying the whole week in style.


Exercise sippers range up from Rs 250 (till 600). These are handy and stylish for gym classes. These also prove motivational: Chug water while at work and stay hydrated on the way back home from office.


These attractive colorful juice bottles were ranged from Rs 125 to 250. Surely an interesting gift idea for daily breakfast table or may even double as a milk storage container.

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