DIY Duraline/ Mixing Medium

make your own mixing medium at home
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Diy Inglot Duraline or Mac mixing medium at home recipe

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Anyone who has ever starved for holy-grail makeup products on a tight budget would definitely love to know how to make them right at their home’s ease especially if it’s also a favorite makeup quick fix. Today I bring an incredibly easy way to make a Duraline or Mixing Medium Dupe which is also an easy Setting Spray when used via spray bottle.

You will need:

  1. Glycerin: It is a humectant that absorbs water content from the atmosphere and seals it in your skin.
  2. Distilled or filtered Water: This can be replaced with Rose water which is very refreshing for the skin especially in summers.
  3. A clean container for mixing.
  4. A mixing spoon.
  5. A Clean Bottle or a Spray Bottle (if you intend to use it as a setting spray).


In a clean container mix 1 part of Glycerin with 3 parts of Distilled water or rosewater (1:3 ratio) with a clean spoon until the consistency is like a thin gel. Fill this in the bottles for desired use. Yes that’s it! Isn’t it a very simple and affordable trick? 😉

Diy Duraline mixing medium at home recipe


How to Use:

  • For Eye-shadow or glitters application:

Take out 1-2 drops of the product on a mixing plate. Gently dip your eye-makeup brush into the mixture and pat off excess on the back of your palm (just so as it doesn’t drip but stays moist). Dip this into the desired loose pigment and apply.

  • For making Eyeliners:

Take 2 drops out the mixing plate. Add pigments or eye shadow to it and mix well to get the desired thickness as you would for making gel eyeliner. Swatch the shade on back of your palm and you may add more pigments to your liking. Apply with the Eyeliner brush.

  • As Setting Spray:

Spray once as you would once the makeup is done.

  • As a Foundation Primer:

When used as a Primer, preferably use a sponge (as it soaks off the excess if you use a lot by chance) and not a brush, it makes blending Foundation and Concealer very easy and makes them last longer.

  • All Other Varied Uses 

Diy Duraline and makeup setting spray at home


  1. A cheap dupe that works!
  2. Works very well as described above.
  3. You can make a very small amount each time and use it fresh (no need to keep stored or rather shouldn’t be stored).
  4. Works with all skin types.


  1. It doesn’t dry on the skin as fast as Duraline. You need to keep your eyes closed for a few minutes to get it dried fully.
  2. It’s advisable to finish this product in a month’s time only to avoid bacterial infections.
  3. Bottle needs to be shaken before every use.
  4. One needs to take care that the mixing spoon or container is clean and dry.
  5. Needs a Dry Shady storage, if kept for a day.
Diy setting spray for makeup or mac mixing medium at home

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  • Amazon– overpriced (So not mentioning)!

Try this easy dupe and let me know how you liked it. Have you tried another solution? Share with me.

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