A Winter Noon

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Almost as Obliged as can be, I have been, and delighted too, on some of the Noons in winters that are just brightly congenial to the eyes and warm enough to swap a snugly cuddle. The moment one gets amply sure to declare: ‘A while can’t feel warmer than this’ only to be followed by a new one and then surprisingly a few more.

Something in the weather feel like Benjamin Button in seasons. These shots could be easily from late autumn. Hell no, it’s winters already!

Whoever thought a black-white long maxi skirt with a yellow tee would prove far from Siberian being relished in this slice of the year particularly. For straying curious cats, that skirt passed nth number of neglects on unexplained girly accounts to land in a post like this on what is thankfully a cosy noon (a bit of casual , far from overdressed or maybe Midway?).

Does that imply: I’m feeling snug as a bug in a rug today? Depends…you see.


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