10 New Ways to have Muesli for Breakfast Without Milk

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So you love Muesli but having it with conventional milk isn’t the thing for you? Even if you like having it with milk, it gets a bit too boring when it’s a daily ritual. Spicing up the basic recipe is always a great idea at such times. I am sharing today a set a ideas to jazz things (up out of which no. 1,2,4,5,7 and 9 are my favourites that I try every now and then).

1. With Yogurt: Try replacing milk with yogurt or curd; leave it for 5 mins for soaking. One may add sugar to liking if the curd is sour.

 muesli with yogurt or curd breakfast idea

2. With Coconut Milk: Thin coconut milk is a great alternative to try. I would suggest adding a bit of yogurt or fruit juice to lighten up the flavor if one is using thick coconut milk (which is very strong in taste).

 3With Almond or Cashew Milk: Almond and Cashew milk are other lighter alternatives to conventional milk. Plus they are more power packed and healthier while following a strict diet regime.

 Muesli with almond milk or coconut milk.

4. With Ice-cream: It’s a fun little idea I love to do in summers. Take out your favourite ice-cream flavour (or flavours), let it rest for 1min till it starts melting, then add muesli and soak for 1 more minute. Cut fruits of your choice if desired. Don’t try this is winters though.

 5With Desiccated coconut: Consider adding desiccated coconut- fine or in Flakes to any of the above recipes. Or try Virgin Pure Cold Pressed Coconut Oil that gives a very light pleasant aroma and taste apart from many other possible uses.


6. Toasted muesli: Mix 1.5tsp Honey, 1tsp brown sugar and 1tsp of olive oil in a saucepan for 5 mins while stirring continuously, mix and bake with 1 cup of muesli at 150 degree centigrade for 8-10 mins, stirring halfway (4 mins and 6 mins). Muesli will form crisp clusters on cooling down. Add fruit juices/yogurt  to wet the clusters and enjoy.

 muesli toasted recipe

7. With condensed milk: I came across this recipe by accident. I had no milk left in the fridge and had nothing fast to eat but muesli at home. Adding 2-3 tsp of condensed milk made it a great post-meal dessert idea in a jiffy.

 New way to have muesli for breakfast with condensed milk.

 8With frozen berries or other fruits: Frozen berries or other fruits are easy and highly flavorful add-ons to the recipes above.

 muesli with yogurt and frozen berries

9. With mango puree and mango: Here’s another must try accidental finds of mine. When ripe yellow mangoes are in abundance, just puree their pulp with a masher and add to the muesli. I guess this can be done with a banana too!

 muesli with mango

10. Muesli with Cinnamon and Peanut Butter: Add a bit of cinnamon and half tsp peanut-butter powder to ‘yogurt with muesli’ or ‘ice-cream with muesli’ combinations and see the difference.


Note: Please make sure before making that you don’t have allergy to any of the ingredients above.

Is muesli your daily staple like me? Which one of above would you try?

muesli without milk

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