Egg and Egg Shampoo Benefits for Hair

is egg good for hair
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Use of egg for hairI won’t be wrong to say I am acting out Santa today to bring you one more trick for healthy, luscious and beautiful hair. It may be already familiar to most of you that Eggs are greatly beneficial for hair growth but many struggle to find answers about the proper use of Egg for hair growth (using egg white for hair or egg yolk for hair), Egg shampoo benefits (for normal or dry hair) or is it Any Good for hair at all.

Yes! Eggs can do wonders to your hair. But there is a way to go about it. Firstly, I would be telling you about the benefits of Eggs for Hair:


Egg for hair growth


  • Eggs contain large quantities of proteins (3.6g to 6.5g per egg – total of yellow and white parts, depending on the size and origin). Our hair are 70% protein (named Keratin). When eggs are applied to hair, their protein content fills the damaged protein of hair thus strengthening hair strands on regular use. Though all the protein is not absorbed in a single use, it still is an intense protein treatment for hair and must be repeated not before a fortnight at-least (because overdoing protein treatments can damage hair making them stiff and brittle).
  • Hair follicles and shafts absorb the egg protein to gain strength and smoothness. Smoothed hair have lesser tendency to get entangled in combs. Also since they become stronger and more resistant to breakage, fall, split-ends and environmental damage, this eventually  leads to a process of healthy hair growth.
  • Protein in egg also thickens and nourishes the hair shaft. This is beneficial for people with very thin hair density or those with dullness and no liveliness in their locks.
  • Eggs contain Lecithin (a natural cleansing agent) and so act as an excellent cleanser and protein conditioner (two-in-one effect).
  • Apart from nourishment, egg maintains naturally produced oils that our scalp produces in order to keep hair in a state of perfect health. Shampoos on the other hand, strip most of these oils and so disturb this healthy equilibrium for hair health.
  • How to Use Egg for Hair? : Crack 2-3 eggs (2-medium hair, 3-long hair) in a mixing bowl and whisk them smooth (not to make peaks). Hold the bowl close to your scalp and slop it on the scalp and hairs saturating though the full length. Feel free to add more eggs if you have very long hair and the mixture is exhausted. Collect hair by a hair clasp and wear a tight shower cap to avoid mess and further spillage. Let this sit for 15-20 mins (no longer) and rinse with cold water only. Hot or warm water will cook and denature the egg protein making the above process useless. In addition to that, cold water seals the hair follicles thus retaining the moisture and nourishment from egg. Once water rinse is done, follow up with small quantity of a mild shampoo.
  • Some Pro Tips : 1. You may add a drop of Lavender essential oil to the shampoo to get rid of the egg’s smell. 2. Use only egg whites if you hate the egg-y smell afterwards. You will need a lot more eggs if you use only whites. 3. Don’t keep the egg mask for more than 20 minutes (no matter how tempting it may seem) on scalp or prolonged protein treatment may cause damage instead.
  • Remember that egg treatments can take time to show great effects on your hair. So stay patient and don’t expect fast results. Damaged hair need time to regain strength and structure.
  • Pro: Cost effective!
  • Cons: Takes some time and is quiet a Mess.
  • Egg Whites or Yellows? : Egg yolks contain about two- thirds of the total egg protein content but also smells bad. On the other hand, egg white is almost free of any smell has only one-third of the protein. Yellow part retains more moisture and imparts more conditioning to hair than the white part. It is up to you to choose – full egg, yolk or only whites- depending on the benefits you want from it. No part is harmful for hair.


egg shampoo for dry hair

When it comes to Egg Shampoos, they are often advertised in terms of all the benefits that Eggs can yield for hair (as mentioned above) but shampoos are also often loaded with chemicals including preservatives, scents and lathering agents that can harm hair to some extent. Thus it becomes very important to look for these points:

  1. Try the shampoo in the smaller bottles or sachets prior to bigger orders. This will also help to rule out allergy.
  2. Always read reviews of other people and their experiences with the product before buying.
  3. Read about the ingredients carefully to check weather there’s a high amount of added chemicals.
  4. People with an Allergy to Egg shouldn’t use these or even Egg masks made at home (like the one mentioned above).

Good Egg Shampoos Benefit by:

  • Adding great volume and Bounce to the hair by improving texture. Some amount of temporary texture is instantly improved after every wash but long-lasting effects come with regular use.
  • Conditioning hair -from root to tip.
  • Giving instant Shine to hair.
  • Retaining some of the healthy oils of the scalp. The ideal shampoo would not strip off all the useful natural scalp oils but only those in excess.
  • Smoothing the hair.
  • Increasing the density of the hair after regular uses by halting hair- breakage.
  • Reducing split ends.
  • Making hair strong enough to fight environmental stress.
  • Easing knotting and entangling of the hair.
  • People with inherently dry hair have lesser natural oils in their scalp. These people tend to get very dry hair after protein shampoos. Two ways to tackle this would be : 1. Use egg shampoos after applying some oil ( good if you are planning any oil treatment) to hair prior to washing. 😛 or 2. Use the shampoo is lesser quantities than usual.  😉

Though It is always better to do Egg washes at home (they cost less and are chemical free), Our busy lives would always let us opt for Shampoos at some point of time. Just be sure you take care of the points above before including them in your daily routines.

Healthy Hair is an Egg Crack Away.

A Few Best Egg Shampoo Picks:

  1. Halo Shampoo here
  2. Chik Egg White Shampoo here
  3. Mario Badescu Egg Shampoo here
  4. The BodyCare Egg Shampoo here


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