FabIndia review: FabIndia Tea Tree Facewash Review

fabindia tea tree facewash review
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Today is the FabIndia Review time and I am testing out Fabindia Tea tree facewash that boasts of qualifying their bestsellers list. Before accepting its claim of being a gorgeous face wash with tea tree oil, sadly it has to pass my scrutiny. So let’s begin:



Purified water (water guys!), sodium lauryl ether sulphate, cocoamidopropylbetaine, sodium chloride (table salt there), tea tree oil (okies) , salicylic acid (aspirin is an exfoliant), guar gum (guar dal powder to bind and hold the ingredients), turmeric extract (haldi anyone?), citric acid (lemon extract?).


Gently work up lather with a circular motion on wet face. Wash off and pat dry. Avoid contact with eyes. (Nothing Fancy Here!)


  • 220 INR for 100ml (WOooH.. as of July.2017.)
  • 290 INR for 100ml ( online rate as on Sept.2017)
  • 165 INR for 120ml about an year ago.



My Experience:

This comes in a pale greenish tube with a flip cap on its head which is tight enough to hold for light travels. Open it and flows a light green gel of slightly runny consistency (almost jets out due to trapped pressure for the first time) that is not overtly thick. Gel holds a very light odour of tea-tree extracts (not very pungent or disturbing at all).



It effortlessly lathers with a little water and removes dirt and sweat well.  After drying, skin doesn’t get very stretchy or dry. After repeatedly using it for about 21 days, I noticed minimal control of minor acne (I don’t have a major acne problem, only a few with changing seasons) but no effect on any Sun-tans (though it doesn’t claim to reduce any tan). It imparts a cool sensation for about 15-20 mins that wanes off after that. Face gets oily nearly in about 2-3 hrs and I have a mixed skin type (not very oily and not very dry).

So now for Pros and Cons.


  1. Easy to carry light plastic bottle.
  2. Charming Smooth cool gel texture
  3. Contains tea-tree oil
  4. Doesn’t dry skin after the wash
  5. Cures minor acne and rashes
  6. Smell is not very pungent or disturbing


  1. Price is increasing quiet steeply considering what it was a year ago.
  2. Seems to have very less tea-tea extract for potent results.
  3. Face gets oily in 2-3 hrs but that’s so with many other facewashes as well.
  4. Available in only FabIndia stores and very fewer websites like Nykaa and FabIndia online.


My Ratings: 2.5 Stars   😉 (out of 5)


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To help you all, I have spotted it at 2 sites online if you wish to try.

fabindia tea tree facewash review

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