Avoid Clumpy Eyelashes : Mascara 101

Avoid clumpy mascara on lashes
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avoid clumpy mascara


Applying mascara on eyes seems like one of the easiest things you can do to lift them up and create open-ness. Who knew what looks so easy might have the intricacies you never knew about and taking care of which may make your makeup more worth it? Today I am sharing these Mascara 101 to avoid clumpy eyelashes.

Read on:

1. Go Waterproof:

Use a waterproof formula to hold the curls of your lashes. These formulas, though a bit difficult to remove, hold the shape of the hair better when used on the base coat. You can always build up on the base coat further.

2. Use Spoolie:

Always try to keep a spoolie handy. In case you start seeing lashes sticking right from the first few coats, immediately brush those lashes with a spoolie.

3. Wipe of excess:

Wipe off your mascara wand after use (once in every 4-5 times of use) with a soft baby wipe or else it gathers excessive product around it from repeated uses which tends to dry later forming clumps.

4. Wiggle the wand:

While applying mascara, never forget to wiggle the wand while applying. Wiggling separates the lashes while applying the product simultaneously.

5. Don’t Over-pack:

Don’t put too many coats of mascara (more than 2-3) or repeated build up of the product increases the tendency to form clumps.

6. Act smart:

When it is very desirable to put more than 3 coats to achieve a greater length and thickness, you may do so by starting out with a waterproof formula as the base coat.

7. Don’t pump:

Don’t pump your wand into the product as it introduces air inside and makes the formula dry.

8. Close tight:

Remember to close the cap tightly after every use. Don’t let the air get in.

9. Discard:

Do Understand that everything has an expiry date. Learn to throw away when its time and none of the above precautions help.


These tips will help anyone avoid those clumpy eyelashes and one of your makeup phobias.

Hope this post helped you. You look relaxed already. Haha…

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Avoid clumpy mascara on lashes

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