Hair Tips to help you Stop Washing Hair Everyday

how to stop washing hair everyday
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No matter how clean or fresh it may feel, washing hair and shampooing tandem is not a healthy habit. The most important reason being that shampooing too regularly strips your locks of the natural oils that they produce to remain healthy. These natural oils maintain proper hydration and nutrients to protect themselves from the harmful outer environment.

Once hairs are denuded of these healthy natural oils (sooner that they should), excessive production of oils starts as an overcompensation and soon starts a Vicious cycle of Oil-Wash- and later Grease production.

Getting out of this rut will help you attain healthier hair in the long run. Thus sharing with you today, some useful tips to help you get out of habitual shampooing:

1. Rinse with Plain water:

Simple Rinsing of hair with fresh plain water without any shampoo is a safer bet that using one daily. Water will clean the superficial impurities, dirt and excessive oil while still retaining the good amount of natural oil. To those in a habit of feeling super clean with a Shampoo wash daily, it may not feel that clean but trust me, it is enough cleaning that you need daily.

2Shampoo hair every 3 days:

Make a habit of shampooing every 3rd day (or every second day if using excessive hair products and sprays).

3Shampoo without Sulphates:

Use shampoo without sulphates as often as you can. Sulphates are the compounds that make lather. So if your bottle says it produces a lot of lather and bubbles, it contains the desirably avoidable Sulphates!

4Avoid Excessive use of Hair Products:

Don’t use hair sprays, hair gels, putty or pomades very often. Once in a while is acceptable (but make that while not very frequent). These products form a thick layer after repeated usage and clogs the pores that let your hair breathe.

5Brush your hair 3-4 times a day:

Don’t brush your hair more than 3-4 times daily. More frequent brushing is good for the blood flow in the scalp (thus a kind of exercise), but it also helps to distribute the natural oils down the shaft to the tips. Too often of doing this would increase oiliness all over. This Neem-wood comb will help for healthier hair.

6.  Avoid Hot Water:

Washing with hot water and too vigorously results in excessive oil production.

7.  Show Creativity:

On 2nd and 3rd no-wash day, use creative ideas to style those tangles. Use fancy hairclips, barrettes and summer hats or go for a messy hair updo. You can also just wash the front fringes or bangs for a fresh look.

8.  Blow Dry Cream:

Blow dry cream like Bumble and Bumble All Style Blow Dry contains oil-absorbing quality and so a pea-size amount will make your hair last for that one more day.

9.  Dry Shampoo:

You may try a Dry shampoo or (if you don’t have that) a Baby powder that would absorb extra oil and sweat and aid you pushing your Shampoo routine for one more day.


Getting anything worth achievable requires a bit of Discipline.

Do continue your efforts for Healthy hair.

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how to stop washing hair everyday

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