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What I do when I have Nothing to Wear

What to wear when you have nothing to wear
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Even if you are not a ‘Confess that confession’ babe, you simply won’t be able to lie about this. You’ve been there I know. All of us have. Crying on that bursting wardrobe before an outing and wishing it had something new to offer. Reasons are avoidable of course but what now? Once faced with this moment, I use these simple styling tricks and outfit ideas that help immensely to create something new out of the pieces I own already.

1. Bring out the Dependable:

These are the pieces that you can always lay-back on. Like a kurti, plaid shirt, favourite pants or a set of palazzos that have never wronged you in the past. Chances are that you would find an interesting base from here.

2. Add an Interesting Detail:

An interesting scarf, watch, bag or a belt gives an interesting dimension to the outfits. Like belting a shift dress, classy watch on a partly rolled up sleeve, unique handbag or scarf hanging by a plain dress with otherwise minimal look.

3. Call a Hero:

A denim or leather jacket/ skirt, a Blazer or a Vest makes everything look amazingly polished in almost no time. These are the statement pieces that would ace up the Dependables above. So pull out one of these asap!

4. Cull out that Jewellery Box:

Interesting Baubles like chokers, elaborate bracelets, minimal chains or rings would add the interest and oomph. Plus no one would guess you planned for the party in such a hurry.

When a woman says “I have nothing to wear”, what she really means is “There’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today”. –  Caitlin Moran

5. Put the Right foot forward:

A pair of Heels or favorite sneakers that would go with the final Outfit’s color scheme is a must and my absolute favorite.

6. Wear them Wrong:

Drape a saree or a dupatta differently, wear 2 coats or shirts at a time or close shirts on back instead of the front. Do anything which is not usually expected from that piece. This will turn them into totally new pieces.

7. Stop Cursing:

Stop blaming yourself for the type of body, genetics or your limited closet in utter confusion. It would hinder your efforts further. What you have now is what you have got at present. Make the best of all resources. Carry yourself with confidence and that is the half work done. You might be in for a change of mind after seeing the final result.


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What to wear when you have nothing to wear

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