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How to Apply Blush? : 10 Best Blush Tips that Only Experience can teach you

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At a certain past in the European history, pale skin was a much coveted feature of woman’s beauty (and symbolized wealth). Women went to the extent of practicing ‘bloodletting’ to gain pallor and then applied rouge {blusher in today’s version} to attain desired mild touch of glow. Earliest forms of blushes were made of naturally (sometimes even poisonous plants) colored and greasy pomades hugely used by theater artists. Much later Alexander Napoleon Bourjois invented the very first Powder Blush in 1863 (Remember the Brand Bourjois?).

Blusher as we see today is one of the easiest things a girl can do to impart an instant subtle glow. Other easy things are a simple Kohl and a Lipstick—almost no effort for a great facial transformation- after of course, once you get the hang of them. I am here to share some Essential tips for using the Blush correctly that I learnt only after many years of experience with different blushes.


Before picking up a Blush shade, consider what final finish you want : Matte or Shiny. Its simply not possible to take the sparkle out of a shiny shade if you are not going for that look.


Always consider your complexion before choosing a shade. Its easy to pick up a pink and believe you will look pretty in it, but believe me, that same shade behaves differently on different complexions. As an easy guide: Fair complexion can handle pinks the best and other colours in the lightest shades, Wheat-ish girls should opt for bright peachy colors, Medium (towards fair) can go for peaches and corals and Dark beauties should go for berry and plum shades and bright oranges.


At the beginners or intermediate levels, I wouldn’t recommend using Cream Blushes. They have a tendency to be very glossy and sometimes sticky, especially in a humid or very hot sweaty weather. On the other hand, powder blushers stay relatively more well-put (use primer as a base) with a more natural finish and effortless feel.


Application of blush should be on the apples of the cheek (middle of the cheekbones), swiftly blended upwards towards the ears. There’s nothing more horrible than not applying it on this line and go a bit above or below this. Wrong method would make you look older and the face saggy and droopy.


Avoid blending the blushers too close to the angle of the mouth or too close to the nose. This would make the entire face puffy and odd.


I love to use a tiny bit of blush on the tip of the nose and also blend another very very minimal amount on my forehead. This gives the entire process a natural feel because the colour of the blush looks more evenly distributed all over the face like a natural subtle glow and not like a clown-ish smear of an odd color on the face. Just make sure to blend it very well.


For further blending. I like to lightly rub the brush on a towel once, after picking up the shade from the pan. Some people like to tap the excess off but single stroke of light rub on a towel is better. This way very minimal amount of powder stays on the brush. Further blending does not leave even minimal harsh lines.


I prefer using tapering blush brushes for application. Never use Flat-topped brushes as all the brush fibers are of same length and apply a lot of concentrated color in circles inn every go which is not at all good for blending further. Ideal brushes are the tapering ones. Having a mix of long and short fibers helps a lot in blending better: Long fibers pack up most of the color while smaller fibers lightly impart the color which is so much easier to blend further.


Don’t entirely go with the brush that comes with the blushes. These are 99% not right and worth discarding. Ideal blusher brush should be about as wide as the apples of the cheek, neither too flat at the top nor too much rounded but tapering well in some way- to smartly distribute the color. Spend a few bucks for a well made brush- doesn’t mean expensive but gets the job done in a SMARTer way.


Next time when you go shopping for a Blush, don’t just stick your fingers in the pan and test it on the back of our hand. Its actually not a very accurate way to predict how it will look on your face since you will never wear it in such a high concentration. Instead use a brush even if it means taking one with you while shopping!


Try these incredibly useful tips for a better glow.

How do you use your blushes? Any tips you would like to share?

Comment below.



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