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How to be Affirmatively Overdressed

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I notice people staring at you”, my fellow photographer friend stated scantly referring to nearby ladies tittering under the pursed lips. “I think you are a bit overdressed for the scenario”, she concluded. If only the breezy October morning could spare my seven in the morning delicate self-esteem, I could have had a get up and go moment rather than  standing perhaps about a minute in a state of abject miserability.

However, glancing down at my self-designed fluffed up Pencil Pants with an oddball pairing to an tribal cropped top and feeling the weight of my clear glasses on the bridge of my nose(on still clearer morning skies), I had to admit to feel some irrationality within the context of the commonplace scenario.

On all those moments determined to live life on Film references,  I admit to have felt very much like Audrey Hepburn of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, holding a flimsy takeaway pastry and coffee breakfast followed by window shopping at yet to open shop of Tiffany’s Boutique. Dressed in a full length gown, a diamond tiara and mystical cat-eye sunglasses, she looked so out of the place on the typical early New York Morning.

There is something impishly delightful yet diverting about pointless overdressing without a definite occasion, inspiring the unsettling question in the fellow passers-by compelling them to ponder through to the evening , “What actually was that Girl’s story?” On the other hand, it is just a question of wearing affirmatively what you like or what your mood fancied and not for others’ approval. The Game goes both ways though as far as including sneakers to the Party.

As for being Affirmatively Overdressed,  might I suggest:

  1. Rejuvenating a recently known trend in a fading phase, romanticizing the classic tastes.
  2. Optical Illusion of shrinking waist as an injection of feminine overdose.
  3. Knowingly forgetting to put on an earrings pair.
  4. Avoiding carrying a handbag, as if in a hurry signalling more glamorous plans had fallen through.
  5. Donning those eyeglasses- sun(-ned) or not- vision or lighting conditions be-damned!


-Subremesa/ Surabhi



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