How to be EDGY ?

What is edgy fashion
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Belonging to the section of a vast space-time where living life on the edge is but a Rule, it comes as a queer question to a Fashion blogger: How to be EDGY?

Having an Edge takes an eye for Details and is about pushing the boundaries of being ‘normal’. However defining the Edge individually is also equally essential because it has no single definition and changes from person to person. It’s hard to dodge the plethora of definitions thrown around in the name of ‘edgy’: weird, outrageous, chic, whacky, cool and what not?

For yours truly, a fashionist’s mind gauged in mathematical dimensions sums up the word in the directives below:

1. Wear Key-pieces and basics well:

The basics are not to be taken less importantly when compared to the statement pieces. A basic plain white shirt, camisole or basic black pants- is like a ‘canvas for the painting’. They should be neat, well pressed and well-fitted. There’s no use drawing on an oily or loose canvas. Similarly key pieces don’t meant ‘shout-louds’ or ‘just-because’ clones of some current fad. It’s about daring to leave trends, if need be, or even to create one!

2. Experiment:

One must be open to Experimentation to the vast ends. Colors, clothing, footwear and accessories should be combined subtly and worn in unexpected ways. For me, it has also been about leaving those trends that are sometimes so much overdone that they start appearing conventional. Experiment with trends but don’t be their victim.

3. Have an eye for Details:

Shapes, cuts and details impart dimension to the attire. They transform a simple piece to extraordinary- no matter how judiciously they are used. Excess is not always the most desirable, but striking that balance between ordinary and Extra-ordinary and recognizing ‘just enough’ and ‘just in time’ is. A patch of scanty yet subtle embroidery, a button left opened on purpose, two shirts layered over a single garment are all examples of playing with shapes and details to the advantage! Similarly unexpected drapes can add a lot of interest.

4. Never Undermine your Strengths:

There lies a great strength in understanding of individual body structure. It is one such (easy– cheat) factor that gives you an edge or peculiarity/ distinctness. The colour of your eyes, length and quality of the hair or the most favourable part of the figure must be elevated with key-pieces or statement-pieces. These can be jewellery, a brooch or just an unexpected tuck or twist of the fabric. Edgy requires you to flaunt that confidence that makes you stand out with all your strengths.

On the other hand, it’s also about knowing how not to be swept away and do a bit of ‘too-much’.

5. Get out:

One formula doesn’t fit all in this concept. Black lips and ear tunnels may not mean edgy to one and all. In the end, Edginess is also about stepping out of your comfort zone and try something unusual with confidence.


What is Edgy for you? Post Comments below.

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