Everything you need to know about Taking Care of Designer Sarees

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We all love wearing Designer stuff and Dream that they live on freshest ever for the rest of our lives. But as ephemeral life is on this earth, it’s but a wise decision to accept that things will age and wear-off with time. What matters then is how much of care we can give so as to prolong their quality of life and thus allusively our own pleasures.

Taking care of designer Sarees involves a multi-step approach. It starts with proper washing, then drying followed by preserving for sustenance. Below is an easy bullet list you need to check and you‘ll be done worrying about the matter.


1. Washing:


Taking care of designer sarees at home


Washing sarees with utmost care is important as they are studded with intricate weaves, embroideries and embellishments. That’s why they are designer. Right?

  • Use mild liquid detergents for gentle washing.
  • Add liquid conditioner after the wash and let it stay for a while (10mins) before final fresh water rinse.
  • Don’t beat the fabric hard in a wash. I would suggest very low speed in a washing machine (better to avoid machine altogether if possible and go manual).
  • Also don’t send the saree to the dhobhi or paid laundry.
  • Don’t mix other dark colored clothes with the saree while soaking. They may leave their colour and stain the saree fabric.
  • Starch the cotton sarees with the starching liquid in the final wash. This helps to maintain their stiffness.


2. Drying 


Proper way to dry sarees


  • Don’t wring the fabric harshly after the wash.
  • Don’t speed-spin in the auto-dryer of the washing machine.
  • Do not dry them under direct sun and preferably put in shade but outdoors.
  • While hanging them outside, do not put tight clips or too many clips to the Saree. Be gentle!
  • Place the saree apart from other clothes and take care they don’t overlap or else it may get stained.


How to iron designer sarees


3. Preserving:

  • While ironing, place a thin sheet of plain paper over the fabric to avoid direct heat. I didn’t say newspaper as it may leave ink marks.
  • Try ironing on a small innermost corner of saree first to check if the iron temperature is suitable enough for the fabric.
  • Avoid spraying water on the fabric when you iron or else it may leave irregular stains.
  • Store Saree in a Muslin saree bag even while hanging. Place one saree per bag for more intricately detailed fabrics.
  • Keep turning sides and creases of the saree every month is not in use for a long time. Otherwise, perennial creases transform into permanent cuts over time.
  • Don’t mix them with other clothes (that’s why a dedicated saree bag is useful).
  • Don’t over-stuff a place with several designer sarees as their threads and embellishments may entangle and get damaged.


how to take care of designer sarees at home


This much to keep your Dream alive!

Too many Don’ts up there. I’m not Fashion Policing here. Pardon me.

With love, till next post.



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Taking care of designer sarees

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