A Process of Choosing The Perfect Maxi Dress

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If substantiality of ‘Flowy’ has got any lesser with time, ‘Fluid’ is the perfect new nomenclature of the hour. With an attitude defying ‘impossible’, I now berate the A-B-C and D’s of choosing a perfect fluid maxi in the fabric of comfort that is cotton. I believe there’s a fluid state to cotton and that it exists!


The fit, cuts and adherence of the fabric is of the foremost importance. A flattering fit that neatly adheres to the body at the right places, eliminates or downplays the not-so-pretty bulges and problem areas is the key. The pleat-line that separates the upper bodice must be placed just below the bust area. Displacement of this line too up or down hugely impacts the direction (read below) of the fabric that hangs below and thereby the overall look by exaggerating the appearance of the desiredly-avoidable bulge focuses like love handles.

Way to choose a perfect Maxi Dress

Bare me not

There are some invariably unavoidable states of cotton which are prone to be to be see-through or flimsy. Translucency should never be to the higher end of the scale that exposes skin. Exception to this rule would be where you are opting to create sensible layers- either underneath or over it. I won’t suggest layering over just the upper half that is the bust area. Heavy up and a heavier down would create a dis-balance in the overall outfit.


Always- always- always avoid overcrowding of the pleats on the bust-line. Just –enough pleats (plus maybe a few more) encircling the leanest part of the waist will well unmask a curvy figure (or even creates an illusion of having one). This draws the attention to the overall aura of the outfit. Remember to always go easy on the pleat-crowding.


Fluid doesn’t mean unidirectional or unidirectional. It rather means multi-directional or all-directional. Much like the optimistic vs. pessimistic viewpoint. I am all optimistic to the extent of directions a fabric can provide me with. So do feel free to experiment with different hemlines- symmetric or asymmetric in a number of ways for that interesting twist to an otherwise ordinary looking piece. The direction and energy of the fabric while ‘hanging’ varies greatly with the hemlines, creative ruffles or even the weight of the appliqués (if there are any).


Lastly, exemplify your outfit with the sensible use of accessories. Lavish dresses would require light accessorizing and vice-versa. Exemplify never means being heavy on packing up with all you can think of. Balance to bring out the best of your figure, is the real objective of exemplification.

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