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How to Choose the Right Earrings for ANYTIME ?

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Every girl has a large collection of earring in her Jewelry Box. Ain’t that Right?  Not necklaces, not nose-rings, not bracelets but Earrings! Personally, I keep on buying so many, nearly one to two pairs per outing, yet many times never getting a chance for a repeat.

Choosing Earrings for anytime is no lesser a problem than any other accessories for us ladies. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and confused alike and end up choosing something totally unmatched or unflattering.

Today I am sharing some great tips that will help you choose the right earrings for ANYTIME.

1. The Occasion:

Always keep the occasion in your mind before choosing Earrings.

  • For Formal occasions like an Office parties, meetings or an interview, opt for studs (pearls or diamonds) or while trying any other earrings, try to keep the length short, well-structured (like geometric jewellery) and delicate without too much of the Bling.
  • For Casual outings, you can throw a more carefree vibe around and try from a lot a more bling, length or may even go boldly outrageous with your plans.
  • For major Events like marriages and reception parties, try bigger and more elaborate designs with Sarees and Lahangas. Because the embroidery and sequins work is usually heavy on the fabric in these occasions, if you wear light earrings, they would go totally unnoticed.


2. The Face Shape & Hair:

The Fact is this: Facial shape and length of the hair actually has a lot more to do with the final look of the earrings than you ever imagined. It’s all about proportions. For example, long heavy dangling earrings look best on people with long hair but not so on short hair.

  • Oval Face: Beauties with oval face are the luckiest of the lot and can carry almost any type of earrings depending on the occasion (as told above).
  • Round Face: These women should go for sleek and long lengths like teardrops that takes all the attention away from the round-ness of the face and also creates an illusion of increased length of the face.
  • Square Face: It is better to opt for round or oval shaped earrings to divert the attention and add a round-ish dimension to the face.
  • Heart-Shaped Face: Sparkly earrings like Chandeliers or with multiple coloured stones in longer lengths are best for these kinds of faces. Totally avoid big-round or oval structures as earrings.
  • Rectangular Face: should opt for an Oblong (in a long line or even a long oval) earrings to add length and round dimension.


3. The Ensemble:

The dress you are planning to wear for the occasion also matters.

  • Coordinate the colours well with the dress.
  • Heavy worked fabrics, as like with sequins and embroideries, require heavier earrings to leave a lasting effect.
  • For dresses and sarees with a lot of Gold tones, try to wear lesser shade of golden (muted Gold shades) or else one may end up looking like a Disco-ball. Or try a pair with lesser gold and more colours (like coloured crystals or diamonds).
  • Oxidized Silver Jewellery look good in almost 90% of the everyday Indian Casual Outfits and is fairly cheap.


4The Experimental Zone:

Don’t shy away from experimentation and take inspiration from the latest trends from all sources of media. Some people have a mixed type of face and can’t be defined in a particular bracket or group. Who knows, you turn out to be looking totally Hot in something totally outside these outlines. Try, try, try — try Earcuffs, try multi-layering, try mismatched earrings, anything unusual and create a Statement.

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– Subremesa


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