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Are You Dressing Your Age?

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The assumption that someone somewhere has ‘the’ mystical potion of ultimate fashion etiquette that can transcend lossless through the ages can be a truth after all. ‘How?’ one may ask ‘should one dress one’s age?’ and maintain to look stylish in every phase of life.

To envision dressing for fashion, just like aging, is a progressive learning process. Every age should be celebrated for its unique times and the wardrobe transformations and improvisations that come about should be cherished from time to time.

It’s not just about what you choose to wear but also about having the maturity to choose it well. Hence the potion everyone is after is nothing but the ‘maturity’ which is a derivative of times and experiences that are gradually assimilated and eventually translated into one’s personal style. As long as one’s maturity translates into a rich identity (begone crises), one should be confident to carry any style.

It then becomes inappropriately appropriate to forget all the scenarios where dressing your age were once character assassination ploys, with unwelcomed yet unavoidable self-proclaimed judgemental authorities on either side of the pivot. One side the younger and other the older, both pushing you off their boundaries, leaving one feel like an outlander.

“Why don’t you dress your age?” or “Does that look age-appropriate for me?” are the frequenters at the transitional verge of ‘-teens’ to ‘-ties’ and further every 10 years or so (I guess, for I am still not a living proof of an exact figure). Your’s truly proposes to maintain that the final ‘appropriateness’ is what YOU decide and never what they decide, provided you have overcome ‘identity crisis’ and carved a personal style you are truly comfortable in and enjoy. It is not always what others expect of you. If one can carry a look a bit farther down the time lane than otherwise expected of oneself, it is but fair to go for it with all the confidence.



For now I am enjoying all the ‘sheer’ and ‘florals’ clothing, all fitted to my parameters of appropriateness.

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Time to put“dress-your-age” drama to peace.

Silence Pls!

-Surabhi / Subremesa

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