Get Over It

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Twenty-nine Days of careless dressing can’t justify that One day of the Winter month when one may feel ecstatic with unexplained energy surges (no energy bars included) and dressing up in the best spirits becomes the best sport to be played. I accept winters are a hard lane for me, especially after my massive weight loss journey when fats are scanty and refuse to beef me up and I reach for a coffee typically every hour I am awake. That also accounts for the loss of outfit posts for my Blog but I am ‘in process’ for improvement. Seriously, I don’t want this to continue. Pleading ‘someone, get me out of my Cocoon’ is not acceptable for me now. ‘I’ll Blast it off if there’s a cocoon’ is the obsessive thought of the moment.

Makar Sakranti has played its part, suns and moons are more in my favor than before. Let me play my game and simply get over it.

Stay In Tune. I am Shooting more.



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Happy Sunday!

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