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12 Ideas to make your Own Personalized Bags

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There have been times to us all, where we want to wear things we already own in a new way or refashion them so as we don’t get bored of them  or sometimes to match our wavering outfit moods. Wardrobe makeover is every girl’s dream. Why not to make your own custom personalized bags and infuse your own personality into whatever you carry? Wouldn’t it be a nice idea if we turn old handbags, totes, clutches and purses into new avatars with the easiest possible tricks?

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1. Sew down some fringes made up of  bits of leather or matching laces on the flaps or along the sewing margins of the bag. Or experiment making fringes with evenly cut silk threads of matching color palette.



2. Adding a pom-pom or a key-chain with charms at the zipper-hole is an easy tactic to add a little fun.



3. Sew multiple laces in a parallel pattern on the surface of the tote or clutch to cover as much area as you fancy. You may cover half or full purse and each will impart a different look. Match the laces to the outfit you are planning to wear mostly with it. Or go safely universal and do a multi-color.



4. Remove the old leather strap of your tote or sling-bag and replace it with a fancy chain of your choice. Hit the craft supplies stores nearby for various types of chains and match the colors carefully.



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