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12 Ideas to make your Own Personalized Bags

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5. Stick or sew stickers to the Bag and change its look in a jiffy. Motifs and stickers may seem like a bit of a childish idea at first but if you place them without serious overloading, it adds a subtle dimension to the sporty outfits.



6. Sew Metal coins or (if nothing available) your old earrings (whose matching pairs you have lost? lol!) or pendants on the margins of the bag to accentuate the Boho in you. Metal charms and coins are easily available at clothing-crafts stores.



7. Tying a matching scarf will transform your bag instantly. Tell me you have done this idea many a times. No wonder it is very popular. Its as easy as tying a new scarf each time you change a new outfit and the change is not permanent.



8. Ever tried pressing on the studs to jackets or other clothes. Just do the same here and go creative. If that sounds difficult for you, get it done from the nearby craftsmen for meager costs.



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