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12 Ideas to make your Own Personalized Bags

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9. Got some artistic dreams that are waiting to be expressed? Go do some embroidery on the bag-big or small minimalist patterns like Polka dots or small flowers. If you are not a crafty owl, just stitch on a few pearls or seed-beads directly for splendid designs.



10. Painters and artists, your bags are now your canvas and world is your painting exhibition! Not a painter? Well you may print with stencils!



11. Sew on a patch of simple or even a fancy cloth or leather piece. Broad laces can also be used! That way you make a new handle that is so much more secure and modish at the same time.



12. Another idea is to sew or hang a circle to your clutch purse. If you are not able to find a circle at crafts store, use a bangle- preferably metal. Bangles and bracelets come in a wide variety of designs, just think of the options you have got!Tell me which ideas you already use. Which ones of these you would plan to do for your wardrobe update?


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