Define and Build Your Perfect Bracelet Stack

how to do bracelet stacking
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A little something interesting that’s catching attention of fashion-devouring peeps are the bracelet stacks adorned on many fashion weeks and now a part of trendy norm core. Here’s an essential guide to the doters of those lovely masterfully stacked wrists. Now on to these fastidious observations on how to style them. So as we all do it the ‘Lovelier’ way.

To all you fashionistas !!!

Stacking bracelets: Tips and Tricks

1.  A word to the Novice:

Beginners in this game may start out with stacking 3-4 pieces of the same hue or metal together as a single unifying trait with a bit of surprise element to up the fun element. One can go for an odd chain, bangle, cuff or even a band for surprise. Also surprise can be varying sizes of the same piece like bigger bead or pearls.



2. Mixing Textures and Materials:

Start by taking a bulky piece matching the primary (focal) color of your outfit. Then start building around this piece by adding additional coloured bracelets, chains, thread works, cuffs (preferably secondary colors also present in your outfit). Essential Tip: Always consider the colours of your outfit while planning above.


Play with the texture of different materials- thread, leather, pearls, metals, rubber bands, chains- thickly braided vs. thin finely braided. All these add up to the much favorable dimension. Unleash your Boho spirit and be ready to experiment a lot. Mix, match and go to any length and bounds in your wild creativity to come up with some unique looks.


3. Embracing Minimalism:

Favorers of a Minimalist lifestyle and would largely restrict to minimal set of colors (opposite of Bohemian in layman terms) and would hugely favor plain, clean cut pieces and silhouettes. Their wrist portrays a saga of pure sophistication devoid of any major surprise at most of the times, yet making a statement in unison of the pieces.



4. Do A Corporate Wrist:

While this could be a sub-category of the minimalistic approach of style as above, I keep it separate for the single reason of work-appropriateness being a whole different issue. Swinging around those arms loaded with bling-y loud wind chime-y things won’t be welcomed in a corporate setup. Besides significance of a time-piece cannot be ignored in an official setup for a polished feel. For times like these, where adding on around a Time-piece is important, go for clean-cut jewelry devoid of overt bling or shine. Go for metals for a safe bet with plain textures without abundance of cuts or carvings (as these would overshadow the watch). We want The Watch to be {the Hero}, got what I Mean?



How are you doing yours? I mean Wrists of course…

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how to do bracelet stacking

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