How to Plan a Monochrome Wardrobe

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How to plan a monochrome wardrobe

Call me picky if you may…. A high degree of suspicion states that I am not the only one with the gut feeling that Monochrome is the forever known code of dressing, naturally built and gilded in the consciousness of the human since ages. A naïve eye is designed by nature to read and align the nearby gradient of colors in a more pleasing way than an otherwise wide array. In my fashion books, it is far from tasteless or minimal. No wonder Grannies and Aunts getting a pro nod on this one, even from those former days.

I have never been ‘crazy-for-trends-of-the-present’ sorts and incline towards following innermost intuition and guts and have always advocated that to be ‘The way’ for everyone. Being a sucker of an organizer of fashion-dealing paraphernalia, incredulous pleasures of planning beget me every single time.  With a concealed haste, somewhere between the thought and a resolve, I chalk out a plan I follow for a monochrome wardrobe to work wonders.

1. Absolute Entirety

Adorning a single colour from head to toe is the simplest yet conspicuous chic way to go. Embracing mono (aka single) brings us many options in its purest form. Go for all singleton shade in varying textures eg. Thick on thick in winters, sheer on thins and thins on thins in summers and a mixture of textures for the in-transition weathers where it’s neither too cold nor too hot.

How to do a pure Monochrome

2. Amalgamation of the Gradient

A well-assembled gradient of nearby shades can be worn enforcing a single colour. Be very careful and meticulous of the choice of the hues. If it doesn’t feel right in the first look, chances are it is Not.


Putting together a gradient of monochrome

3. Adding a Surprise

Smartly slip in a hint of contrasting colour in terms of a watch, a bandana, a top or a pair of heels to instigate a surprise yet never let it overpower the basic schema-de-color.

Adding a pinch of color


Adding a colorful sweater in low tones


Add statement heels in contrasting shade

4. Understanding the Identity of Prints

Lastly, never underestimate the power of prints. Wearing a single print all over, affirmatively contributes to a monotone. Refrain strictly from wearing a print replete with several hues that don’t fall under the same colour family.

Infuse prints into the monochrome trend

Do plan your wardrobes around the hues you love. Go on everyone; strike a pose in those monochromes!

Buy the essentials and basics and build up accordingly and send in the entries to my email ms.subremesa to get featured in further articles.



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how to plan a monochrome wardrobe

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