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How to Walk in Heels like a Model !

How to walk in high Heels like a model with no pain
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Blessed would have been humans, had their feet replaced their heads and had they air to walk on rather than ground. Or better still, if there was no such loony thing as “Gravity”. That’s just an excerpt from the tumult of thoughts in my days of early experimentation with the adornment of heels. The reason I call it an experiment today is due to all the simple facts I had to face and live through in order to cultivate the acumen I have now. Realization also brings appreciation that wearing heels can be a daunting task for anyone new to them. All my astute observation boils down to the following and here I share for you to rework your strategy and build happily upon, consider if you may:


amateur's guide to walk perfectly in heels

An amateur’s guide to walk perfectly in heels

1.  Size appropriateness :

First and foremost you can’t do any good with a pair of heels that are not your perfect size. Worst is to wear something that looks like it is borrowed or stolen from someone, that is too big or too small for your feet’s liking. Besides, your soles would slip out ,and you my dear, might even loose your cool and balance and stumble head-over-heels. A strong solid shoe base which is neither short of nor excess of the sole of your foot, is not only crucial but also quintessential for a strong hold on the ground.

2.  Build and material of the shoe:

If your heel’s base is thin, flimsy and all dingy-dangly, it surely won’t support you for any good. Result:red and painful balls of the feet that makes you want to sit and not walk, apart from the low confidence it conveys.Hence investing in a good material is greatly desirable. Besides a good material also assigns a sightly component as a bonus.


Amateurs can try starting out with lower heels first building their way gradually higher or wear block heels that have thicker soles and more stability. A handy tip: in slippery grounds, rub new soles with sandpaper a few times to develop a stronger hold.

3.  Posture:

And if the posture is not right? Well… first do know what is the right posture. A proper stance would be- eyes straight, face forwards, arms hanging to the side a bit behind the mid-line ( imagine a line running midway in the hip and leg , from the side), torso slanted and digging into the floor.

heel-toe-heel stance

4.  Go Heel-Toe-Heel:

Nothing as unsightly and uncomfortable as placing whole of the foot in one go. Always the heel strikes the ground first, then need follow the foot-pad and the toes. Alternate same with next foot. This method is called ‘heel-toe-heel’ . Practice this and you would be amazed how easy it becomes as you go by.Remember, body follows the heels, not heels follow the body.

5.  Don’t stare at the feet:

Avoid looking down at your feet and heels too frequently. Instead look at a point far and straight in front. If too much of your attention is drawn by the heels, chances are, you are doing something wrong or have a low confidence, and weather you know or not, others will very easily notice that too.

6.  Relax and Don’t rush:

…And that something that you are doing wrong is walking too fast. Please do accept you will have to walk slow and take smaller and hence more number of steps to cover the same distance you would rather cover in few steps with a pair of sneakers.

7.  Practice:

Go one step at a time, slow, don’t look down, focusing at a far off point looking straight ahead. Practice this technique a couple of times and you should be a pro in few goes.

After all, Its no rocket science. Bah…humbug. As if we are afraid of rockets? Are we… girls??


How to walk in high Heels like a Model with No pain!

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How to Walk in Heels
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