Idiot- Proofing Velvet

velvet bodycon outfit
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Like a boiled egg’s non-settling tendencies on a frying operation, I have restless propensities on shopping operations. I pick anything under the sun which I find either interestingly unique or those articles that can be used somewhere in a noteworthy novel way. Brands don’t matter as long as I have a faith in the pieces I pick.  That’s precisely how these 2 pieces (Velvet Bodycon and wide-necked Rose gold-logo-ed Cropped Tee) were attained from varied expeditions of the open market Op-shops and Grand & mini weekend Fairs alike. Staunchly ‘Non-Mall-ed’, this array of casuals over Velvet (spell formal) is squarely my take on relaxing 2 Classics- Velvet and Bodycon, totally Idiot-proof way.


Added a Chunky bracelet

Now spilling the beans on how to wear Bodycon for Work, a Date or Casually

  • For work– Throw on a Blazer, a neatly fitted shirt or a vest over the Bodycon and cover with Leather belt to make it work-appropriate. Don’t use huge jewelry- dainty minimal chains and rings are enough.


Boho metal neckpiece

And the bracelet had Gems!

  • For a Date– Most importantly add heels! Work your hair to a sultry (and by no means laborious) updo. Feeling comfortable in your dress is important: Choose a dark colored Bodycon to start with, shun sneaky skin-show, put on panties with invisible pant-linings or waist shapers underneath to flatter a shapely silhouette, but If you still don’t feel comfortable, leave the idea altogether and wear something else. There’s no point looking embarrassingly uncomfortable at the much anticipated moment.


Have no Idea what I was thinking. A candid one, you can say.

  • Casually– Casual-izing is all about formulating insouciance aka ‘Just threw this on in a jiffy’. Advocates of Dressing down are: Flats, sneakers, sandals, fedora hats, overused tees, cropped tops, jackets, scarves, sunglasses and leggings. Add one or two of these for a harmonious dapper. Beware over-heaping is like shouting ‘I tried a lot’.


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