How to Make or Choose the Best Ripped Denims

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Ask me what; this blog may be the perfect place for some candid confessions. Like – I hate giving away 2 to 3K for a pair of ripped jeans. The idea has been annoying altogether in the past and is assimilated by me after a long long time. Though I set a strict criteria for its easy assimilation, which I am about to discuss in today’s post, I admit it’s more satisfying to try your own creative hands and make your own one using an older pair- so you know beforehand just where and how rips would be placed plus the final look to be achieved is also solely your own imagination.

Featuring in this post the ripped jeans I made for my sister, after one unsuccessful attempt at older jeans, I learnt quite a bit from the mistakes I made. Here are the three aspects I wish to expose:


First I would like to break the blemishes on your jeans into 3 sorts:

  1. Holes: Big or small, uneven or even, greater or less coverage with overlying threads, these visually expose your skin from under the fabric. The edges are usually more defined and not ragged.
  2. Scrapes: are the abrasions on the surface of the fabric and don’t expose the skin every time until they are deep enough.
  3. Shreds: The irregular ragged edged holes made while attempting to tear the fabric with some overlying threads. One can still see the skin but not fully.



Now on to the Criteria for perfecting ripped Denims:

  • Holes are best created horizontally parallel to the ground level. Vertical holes (at any level of the leg) are a sign of ‘wannabe cool and shouting that loud’ as they expose way too much of skin taking away all the mystery.
  • Holes and shreds should preferably not be more than an inch while you stand up. Carefree attitude that comes with the Ripped style need not be ‘mind-free’. Long holes and shreds that extend to the full width of the leg look dangerously ridiculous.
  • Keep the shreds and holes above the level of the mid-shin and not lower than that.
  • Shreds look best near the pockets area.
  • Scrapes look great on the thigh area and lighter scrapes on the butts is acceptable but not covering the whole butt. Again if one is blessed with broader thighs, I would suggest placing any hole, shread or scrapes (aka. Rip) to any of the thigh area especially the fuller part because they accentuate the fullness and expose the unwanted bulging skin.


What in fashionable terms is the best rip count or the most appropriate one for that edgy feel? Well anything not exposing more than 10%-15%, to be ridiculously accurate, of your hips and legs with the placement guidelines as above.


These are best suited with :

  • Blazers– stiff blazers create a contrast of casual with formal and they both balance each other out very well.
  • T-shirts– preferably with less prints and mostly plain coloured in red, white, green and yellow.
  • A white Shirt– looks great for the same reason as for blazers.
  • Bomber Jackets– in bold colors are especially flattering in winters. Try color-blocking with deep greens, reds and oranges.
  • Sweaters– bold colored sweaters also complement well for the ‘BAD girl nextdoor that everyone somehow envys’ look.
  • Trench Coats– also one must try layering a trench coat over bold tops, blazers (yes) or jackets with a well fitted ripped denim.


Ripped jeans are about emanating carefree vibes (which is contrary to the one expected of our busy and stressful environments and lifestyles). Probably that is what made it a distinct fashion statement- the contradiction of it all.


What actually lets me accept the idea of buying one (with all that expense) after all is, If & only If-

  1. Fit of the jeans is really flattering to my body shape.
  2. Placement and count of the rips is just right.
  3. I don’t have the damn time to create that effect for the next 2 months or so (i.e. the limit of the waiting time to try and bag of these in my wardrobe).


So Keep ripping and keep Fashionable.

Model credits: Swati Rawat

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