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Tricolour Outfit idea

A while ago one could only imagine if there was a name for professional time-wasters or whether such a thing really existed at all. Its only now we know of Social Media experts. These guys actually feed on it! What about Radio Jockeys- all that incessant nonchalant is one helluva work . Not an easy job, anyone of these. Not when it’s a Profession. The fact is any expertise can feed you.

Then there are people like me who are not really an expert in any of the above. It’s a comfort, all the night-dreaming and daydreaming also feeds me. Feeds in the form of a quaint satisfaction (as instant glucose to the brain).



The outfit of today is the figment of an infinitesimal daydream. A daydream made up of a tulle skirt underneath a floral frock, a green chunni and an oxidized neck-piece. After the shoot was over, I fancied this could be an idea for the Tricolour Day (just replace the suitable colors). 15th  August is nowhere near and maybe I grow as an expert to my liking by the next one. Fingers crossed , All 10 if that helps!

See how I down-dressed this same outfit for an entirely different and modern look –here.

And an interesting Ethnic outfit with a frock-kurti post here! 




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