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Indian wedding bridal silver Clutch
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Indian Bridal wedding Clutches and style tips

As much as I can’t imagine staying away from all the bling this Wedding Season, though I am not the biggest fan of  weddings, it’s virtually unimaginable how anyone else may do so. If you are either attending a marriage or about to attend one in near future, the one you couldn’t manage to ignore or the one you excitedly wish to outshine, I’ve collected for you some of the best options online for now (just click to explore) followed by a few essential tips on styling these. I am also planning to do a few more posts for this wedding season. aka. stick around for more.










A Few Words:

  • Pair such clutches with Plain Sarees (or those with minimal embroidery work) in any one of the contrast colors from the clutch.
  • Avoid Sarees with exactly same color as the clutch and always aim to create a contrast for a Sharper look.
  • Whenever carrying a very Blingy or flashy clutch, go easy with the jewelry (bangles, bracelets) on the arm holding it. Don’t overcrowd.
  • Try designs with a Sporty spirit (like that Ladies Truck I picked above) to team up with an ethnic outfit once in a while, you’ll be surprised with the final look.
  • Nude clutches can go with about 98% of the sarees- A Safer bet on tight budget.
  • Clutches with plainer thread work (non- zardozi) or simple prints should never be underestimated just because they are not Blingy.
  • If one is short of cop, buy one in Metallics (golden or silver) and another a Multicolor. They will suffice most of your styling needs of all Functions.
  • Never think that these are Just for weddings. Carry them to parties and Get-togethers too. These are more versatile than otherwise thought of.
  • My personal tip: Hang by the side-chain only when busy Dancing or Eating. These are best carried in palms- that’s the reason they are ‘Clutches’.

Today I also announce the start a new section on Subremesa named ” Style Catalyst” 😆 . It will feature a list of interesting suggestions on the ongoing fashion trends.  You can also buy these items by clicking on them. I hope you all will enjoy this section as much as I enjoy Curating best of the best items you very much Deserve.

A toast to us all,


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Best Wedding Clutches to buy in India at present.
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Best Wedding Clutches to buy in India at present.
Best Wedding Clutches to buy Online in India at present.
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