How would you plan for today?

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styling kurta with wrap-around


I always reason that the Outfits that just float out of the infinite should always be welcomed par cause de their accounting for the past times whether connected unwittingly or by an ingenious wit. They form instant connections to a particular time, space or the people long forgone. Like a scent of peculiar sorts, they join the past to present to what will be the future. Where you get to choose what time or people you would love to recall and what you (if you would) discard. What I owned yesterday continues to be a part of my dressing for now and what I own today will be so for tomorrow.


latest kurti design


long kurti style


And so it presents as a very likely situation to plan something purely with a mix from past and the present. This two-timing cotton kurta that transmutes innocently to a dress somewhere between a maxi and a midi was the plan of a split second. It actually rained into the shoot but the silhouette remained unaltered for few minutes until an umbrella turned up to rescue.


latest kurta design


latest designer kurti styles


latest long kurti designs for stitching


This is the Unplanned Planning Mantra.

How do you plan for your days? Any  Mantras to share?

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