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Inglot Duraline Review: 15 Uses, Price, Availability, Pros and Cons

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Today’s review is about Inglot Duraline aka the Magic Potion every makeup lover should have in her collection. Even if you aren’t a makeup addict, you can still use it in some useful way in the little you do. You might have guessed by now that I am quite impressed with this thing (but not without enumerating its CONS to you) so you decide unbiased for whether you need it or not. So here we go:


Isododecane, Bis-vinyl dimethicone (dimethicone copolymer/ a silicone derivative), Caprylyl glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Hexylene Glycol.

Cost: INR 900 for 9ml of liquid

Shelf Life: 3 years from the Date of Manufacture


Duraline is a special transforming liquid that will turn any powder eye shadow into a liquid formulation. A drop of Duraline mixed with a makeup product of your choice:

  • Creates a liquid waterproof product
  • Improves application
  • Prolongs the life of makeup
  • Enhances the colours

My Experience:

It comes in a transparent cute glass bottle with a black dropper head at its lid. This dropper looks similar to a button from the outside: the harder you press, the more liquid it will dispense and vice versa. So one needs a little practice in order to manoeuvre it for a judicious usage.

The liquid inside is a transparent and clear like water but feels thicker and slippery (maybe due to silicon content). One needs very little, usually 1-2 drops for one usage and thus lasts quite long. It dries very quickly after application and doesn’t leave any whitish/greyish cast or any discoloration on the skin.

After usage or even while travelling, be very careful to close the lid tightly to avoid slippery spills.

Where to buy Inglot Duraline in India

The Dropper Cap

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15 ways to Use Duraline:

  1. Revive and softening old gel eyeliners, cream eye shadows and also waterproof them.
  2. Only a tiny bit (1 drop) will act as an eye primer for longer lasting and creaseless eyeshadow or lipstick coverage.
  3. A drop or two will make loose Glitters to stick better on eyelids or lips.
  4. Mix with foundation for a long-lasting base and mattify-ing effect.
  5. Mix with favourite concealer to prevent creasing.
  6. Mix to eyeshadows for endless shades of custom eyeliners.
  7. Add 4 drops in a dried up mascaras to revive them once again.
  8. Make any lipstick waterproof with half drop only.
  9. Transform shimmery eye shadows that you don’t use much into metallic lipstick shades.
  10. Create custom lipstick shades from eyeshadows. No need to buy black and blue lipsticks for Goth Makeup.
  11. Make liquid or cream highlighters and contours from powdered forms.
  12. Make brow pomade or mascara from brow powder or any eyeshadow.
  13. Turn thick foundations or mousse into lighter coverage yet better holding one.
  14. Intensify sheer eyeshadows for bold looks.
  15. Covert powder blushes into liquid one (for instant use only as it dries up fast).


  1. Colourless and Odourless- just as an ideal mixing medium should be.
  2. Provides evened out finishes.
  3. Doesn’t flake out after few hours.
  4. Waterproof and hence makes everything waterproof.
  5. Mattifies the products’ colour to some extent and so good if you wish create a matte effect.
  6. High versatility and multitasking properties (all the uses listed above almost looks like the CPR – cardiopulmonary resuscitation of any makeup kit).
  7. Makes all powdery applications so much non-messy with less fallout and wastage!
  8. Resists oil and sweats in hot climates to stay long put and smudge-proof.
  9. Saves you lots of bucks in the long run.
  10. A single bottle runs for very long- even nearly an year.



  1. It can be used for instant use only as the mixture dries up on the mixing plate if you don’t apply soon (However in eyeliner gels, it stays wet for a long long time).
  2. Some people develop rashes and burning or stinging sensation on eyelids and corners of eyes after application. So always test for allergy on a small space of skin on one eyelid first.
  3. Needs you to close your eyes for a small time (40-60 secs) until the product dries as eyeliner because wet concoction may smudge before it dries.
  4. It may mattify few pigments more than your liking (so test out first on your palm for final result) but not all pigments. I guess that has more to do with certain companies using different ingredients in their loose pigments.
  5. Maybe expensive to few people but I would still buy as it saves money in long run. Actually price acceptance would differ from person to person. Initially it was launched at 550 INR about 3yrs ago. Now that it has grown so popular, price has increased.
  6. Packaging is a dropper based one and one needs to practice a bit and get used to having it dispense precise and less amounts of product or it will simply cause wastage.
  7. It sells out fast at their shops and even online. Its quiet popular. So you have to be on a constant lookout. What’s better than getting it for your birthday present from a friend? I got it so!


Long Review? Pardon but I am not being lazy at writing these details as you guys inspire me every day and I don’t want anyone to do mistakes with their hard-earned money.

Final Verdict:

Yes I will buy it again if I haven’t got a cash crunch! I just wish its packaging could be improved to a more leak-proof one.

Star Ratings: 4.7/ 5  😛 Stars

A D.I.Y for this product : is here


Available Online in India @: 

Below I am adding a few options where it is being sold online in India at the Marked price and not unacceptably high rates. I always try to compile some places for you where it is not overpriced as it is a common problem to get these products online by some foreign suppliers on high rates:


Inglot Duraline Unbiased review

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