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Post Diwali Asthenia

how to wear jodhpuri slouchy pants
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jodhpuri pants outfit idea

It goes without mentioning where I lost past 2 weeks of my life. Diwali-ing eats up every October faster than beetles do the wood. By the end of the month, little seems done in terms of productiveness but enough in terms of fun.



Welcome to the autumnal asthenia bourn of confusion and uncertainty post Diwali. Confusion as to how useful or wasteful the whole month has been. Before and After Diwali days where I have decided at times that the best plan was actually to order food via home delivery, open a bottle of wine and invite Bollywood on my lappy, sometimes with half opened eyes and at other, the laptop half open. Its simply So bad its good. Or the bad that’s not bad enough. Besides It can be hot any moment or it may feel cold at the same time.




Or is it simply Autumn and nothing else?



  • Necklace: Ekani Jewelry (shop here)
  • Jodhpuri Pants: Aaboli (similar)
  •  Top: Thrifted (similar)
  • Belt: Self Made (or Try this)
  • Heels: Steve Madden (here)
  • Bag: Gifted
  • Watch: Titan (similar by Fast-track)


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