Khadi Apricot Scrub Soap Review

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Khadi Apricot scrub soap review

As a child, I used to think Scrub soaps are ugly and don’t do any good- no looks, no fragrance, just Ugly lump of mud. Now I know better, thanks to pollution and associated skin problems. And you think I am the only one cribbing about POLLUTION! Think twice 😊 Today’s review is about Khadi Apricot Scrub Bathing Bar—a chance find that I have loved for quite a while now.


Product:  Khadi Apricot Scrub Bathing Bar/ Soap

Price:  INR 70 for 125 gms


Apricot Body wash and scrub is useful for soft and glowing skin. Effective over dryness and pigmentation.

Directions of Use:

Nothing special.


Apricot 0.1%, Tulsi 2%, Neem 1%, Guduchi 0.1%, Aloevera 0.1% and Base q.s.

Price and Ingredients List

My Experience:

Packaging is a simple plastic cling film wrap with paper labels of the brand. Scrub part of the soap having tiny grains of Apricot shell can be seen from the outside quiet clearly and covers about 10-20% of the soap’s surface area. It becomes Semi-transparent from one side while wet. It lathers well with water and doesn’t emit any striking aroma but a very mild sweet smell of apricot oil which doesn’t last long at all. So that’s a plus point for people with sharp noses!  Although it does melt away if left in water carelessly for long hours. So be careful about it.

The property that grabbed my attention was a perfect balance of scrubbing and hydration for our body’s skin. After wetting the body and soap with a little water, I prefer to scrub on the back and mildly on the face. I turn it afterwards to reveal the soft side of the soap for rest of body wash which gives a creamy soft froth. This way, scrub side runs for a long long time i.e. till the soft side exists. If one uses scrub at the places where frequent scrubbing is not needed, it will all just be a waste anyway. Plus, scrub side will be exhausted faster than the soft side and you won’t enjoy it as much.

I have used nearly 7 Bars of this soap by now and this is really one of my absolute favourites. Especially in these wet- humid weather, when one expects instant freshness while hopping to the bathroom. It has improved the texture on my skin, especially at the Back where I used to get small prickly bumps like acne. It also effectively removes Dead skin and suntan!


Pros and Cons:

Final evaluation:


  1. Herbal ingredients.
  2. Leaves skin very clean, supple and refreshed.
  3. Lathers well.
  4. Aloe-Vera in this bar imparts adequate hydration.
  5. Regular use can remove prickly heat and acne spots.


  1. Don’t expect beautiful long-lasting fragrance for those who are crazy for scents.
  2. May get washed up if left in water carelessly.
  3. Scrub part may feel a bit harsh to some people, but I find it still adequate for body’s skin. All body scrubs are a bit harsher than face scrubs whether in a soap or a lotion form. Don’t apply too much pressure while scrubbing if you find it harsh.
  4. Also scrub part may exhaust earlier if you don’t use it wisely enough.


My Verdict:

This soap is a perfect balance of Scrubbing and optimal Hydration. It totally depends on you what part you wish to use and how frequently. Skin doesn’t feel dry after the bath, but it is not Super-hydrating (if that’s important for you). It’s a must try for sweaty summers for a very refreshing feel.

I will rebuy this soap every now and then, even if I try other soaps in between. It suited me very well.

Star Rating:  4.5/5 Stars


Online Availability at:

Until next post, God be with you to bear this Humid month!

Any other soaps and products that have helped you considerably? Comment below and tell us!



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