Khadi Mogra/ Jasmine Soap Review

Khadi Mogra Glycerine Soap Review
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Khadi Mogra Glycerine Soap Review

It may be hard to believe that summers are actually the perfect time for a few things. One of those things is trying new refreshing soaps for bath. Naturally, today’s review is about a soap I tried these summers.

Product:  Khadi Mogra (Jasmine) Glycerine Bathing Soap Bar

Price:  INR 65 (or 70-80 more recently on different sites) for 125 gms


An Ayurvedic Body wash that cleanses the skin and body dirt. It removes dead cells from the skin and gives smoothness and a soft feeling.

Directions of Use:

Apply Body wash on wet body and face, rub to produce lather, then wash off.

Mogra Jasmine Handmade Soap by Khadi review

Ingredients list and Price

Ingredients: (per 100gms)

Santra 0.2g, gulab-0.1g, neem-0.2g, haldi-0.1g, glycerine-0.3g, sugandhit dravya-0.6g, approved colour and purified water q.s and base to make 100g.

My Experience:

Mogra, also called ‘Jasminum Sumbac’ or ‘Maid of Orleans’  by the English name, is a sweetly aromatic variety of Jasmine which is also used as a fragrant in making perfumes and jasmine tea. Glycerine, on the other hand, is good for retaining skin moisture and Haldi (Turmeric) great for skin blemishes. Owing to this prior knowledge, buying something like this was a conscious decision while I was in the Khadi India shop.

Packaging is pretty simple and un-fancy. This Soap comes simply wrapped in a transparent plastic foil with product description paper underneath. Soap looks Semi-transparent (like Pears) Pink while wet. It lathers very well with even very less water and emits amazingly beautiful de-stressing and calming aroma which is not very concentrated but pleasant enough. This smell lingers for a good 4hrs if one is not exposed to a very sweaty heat for long immediately. Also it doesn’t melt away fast in the soap-case and holds the solid shape till fully dried.

Hydration is also great enough but not superb for anyone with very dry skin. Its hydration is quiet comparable to Pears soap since this is also a Glycerine soap (I am sure most of us have used pears sometime in our lives- so the comparison). Can’t really comment on any anti-aging properties.


Jasmine Handmade Soap for dry skin

Mogra & Glycerine Handmade Soap

Pros and Cons:

Now its evaluation:


  1. Soothing fragrance.
  2. Herbal ingredients.
  3. Leaves skin supple and refreshed.
  4. Lathers well.
  5. Doesn’t get washed up or dissolved fast if left in some water- less wastage.
  6. Non-drying effect (if not super hydrating) on the skin.


  1. The ingredients recipe keeps changing slightly. I have had one with honey in the past (maybe it is replaced by glycerine now- both retain moisture).
  2. Cost: Cost increasing steeply over the past years (from Rs 45 to Rs 80 till date).

My Verdict:

This soap is definitely quiet sweet-smelling and charming. Hydration is also good and skin doesn’t feel stretchy after the bath but it is still not Super-hydrating (in case dry skinned people are especially looking for it). It’s worth a try if cost doesn’t bother you. Other good handmade soaps from Khadi that I have tried once are Saffron Soap and Neem-Tulsi Soap.


Star Ratings:  3.5/5 Stars

Available Online:

  • Amazon India (cheapest online source): here
  • Purplle (a bit expensive): here
  • ShopClues: here

Have you tried any other handmade soaps that are great?

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