Khadi Herbal Bath Oil Review

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                                                                    Khadi Bath Oil Review

I am a bath oil fan. I love to keep buying essential oils majorly for the bathing purpose. It’s a common knowledge now that adding oils in lotions and facials is immensely beneficial. Whenever I get lazy to do so or the time is just not enough (which is very often), I tend to prefer adding this nifty trick to the daily routine. Today I thought of reviewing this Herbal Bath oil from Khadi India. It’s a nice product that has lasted me for very long now, about 5-6 months and is also one of my favourites albeit a few reasons (that I will mention shortly).

Product: Khadi Herbal Bath Oil

Price:  INR 250 for 210 ml of product.

INR 115 for a handy bottle of 100 ml also available at some stores.


As per the company, it’s an aromatic bath oil containing essential oils that relieve stress and fatigue. When massaged into the skin it relaxes muscles, stimulates nerve function and relieves depression.

Directions of Use:

Pour 5 to 10ml into your bath.


Lemon oil, Neroli oil, Bergamot oil, Wheat-germ Oil, Lavender Oil in a propylene glycol base.

My Experience:

I bought it first time about 3 yrs ago at a Delhi fair and it was nearly the same price as it is now (or maybe Rs.10 lesser). I took a chance as it was cheap anyway and considering I am a sucker for fine smells.

Packaging was quiet non-fancy but I care lesser about it if the product is nice. It comes with the plastic flip cap like most of the Khadi products and thankfully had a protective plastic stopper underneath it (as the consistency is very watery and doesn’t feel like oil at all). Though I do feel that the company should change their packaging to some more user-friendly cap and stopper. Actually the stopper is difficult to cull out every time before use.


                                                           Khaadi bath oil Bottle cap Packaging


It is highly aromatic and mostly you can feel the Neroli hitting your nose straight off (I could recognize Neroli as I have used it singleton in the past). I wouldn’t say it is intolerable but I have mixed feelings for it. You know like an itch which feels so much sweeter once you give into it and hopelessly fall into its loop! Love-hate-love forever sort of a relation here.

One thing I would emphasize here: DO NOT use 5-10 ml of the product as directed on the bottle. 2-3rd of the bottle cap is enough. It doesn’t form an oily layer floating on water, mixes easily and doesn’t feel sticky on the skin at all. Especially in winters, if u are anything like me and take hot baths, you may require even lesser (as it disperses readily in hot water than cold). Using too much will hit your nose, even if you haven’t got a Dog’s nose! For me, it just ruins the whole experience.

210 ml lasts for a good 4-5 months on daily baths (if u do not use 5-10 ml, frankly you don’t need so much for the benefits). Smaller bottle of 100 ml is travel friendly but not easily available all the time until you get lucky. Thankfully Amazon stocks these things up from time to time!


                                                              Khaadi herbal bath oil


Relaxing and de-stressing for sure. Fragrance lasts for just 1-2hrs though you would want it to last whole day. That is not actually possible for any essential oil anyway.


So Final Thoughts ladies:


  1. Relaxing, calming, de-stressing and what not. (Esp. lavender and neroli are known for this).
  2.  Readily absorbs into skin.
  3. Mixes instantly with water and no sticky residue on skin.
  4. Cost-effective.
  5. Khadi products pricing doesn’t inflate much with passing times!
  6. Does not contain mineral oils.
  7. Natural ingredients.
  8. Smaller 100ml bottle is Travel friendly.


  1. Packaging needs improvement. Plastic stopper can be replaced for a better option.
  2. Fragrance is Strong if not used carefully. I suggest titrating the dose to your liking.
  3. Fragrance doesn’t last whole day (but I don’t know why we expect that to happen).
  4. Not easily available in 100ml pack. Also Khadi stores are few to find in any city. Though you can buy from Amazon (link here).

My Verdict:

I have bought it many a times in past 3 yrs and will continue to buy later too. Until I meet another one at par. Yes, I would recommend it to everyone informing about all its pros and cons.

Khadi best Bath oil Review

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My Ratings:  4.9 /5 stars


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– Subremesa


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