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Khadi Neem Tulsi Body Wash /Soap Bar

Remember my visit to CP last time where I gathered a Khadi Naturals Soap haul? In the last post I reviewed Khadi Almond and Saffron Soap from that. Today I’ll be reviewing Khadi’s Neem and Tulsi Soap.

Product:  Khadi Neem and Tulsi Body Wash/ Soap Bar

Price:  INR 65 for 125 gms

INR 50 for 125 gms (about an year ago)


An Ayurvedic Body-wash cleanses the skin and body dirt. It removes dead cells from the skin and gives smoothness and soft feelings.

Directions of Use:

Apply body wash on wet body and face, rub to produce lather, and then wash off.

Ingredients list.


Per 100grams:  Neem patra-1gm, Tulsi-1gm, Santra-0.3gm, Haldi- 0.2gm, Ghritkumari- 0.2gm, Kheera- 0.3gm, Glycerine-1gm, Sugandhit dravya- 0.4gm, approved colour and purified water q.s, base to make 100gms.

My Experience:

This is a light green translucent soap bar cased in the usual transparent plastic cover. It carries a light herbal smell of Tulsi and Neem which is not very evident in its cover or until wet.  Tulsi is known to lighten skin tone, shrink pores, eliminate blackheads and shrink skin pores. Neem on the other hand, is useful in treating acne, dryness of skin and eczema, premature aging and soothing sunburns.

Date of expiry is 2 years from the date of manufacture.

On being wet, this soap lathers very well even with scanty rubbing (especially lathers a lot while using Loofah). It has a smooth consistency and has no scrubbing particles at all.

Herbal fragrance feels refreshing and not harsh or irritating staying for a good 2 hrs. This is also a good soap for people with very sensitive skin due to the presence of Neem in it. Another important point is to never leave it accidentally in water or wet place. Keep it on a sponge or dry place or it melts up fast! After using it for 3 weeks, my skin has been adequately hydrated and not dried up. It does feel very refreshing and clean afterwards. I developed no new breakouts or pimples but can’t comment much about blackheads. I will be buying it again for sure.


Khadi Gram Udhyog Hologram

Pros and Cons:

Now as I evaluate this:


  1. Pure herbal handmade soap free from chemicals.
  2. Pleasant refreshing fragrance of herbs (sensitive noses may or may not like it).
  3. Lathers more than expected from other such soaps.
  4. Doesn’t dry or irritate skin.
  5. Pocket friendly.
  6. Good soap for allergy-prone skins because of Neem.
  7. Good anti-bacterial cover- has both neem and tulsi.


  1. Has a tendency to melt away fast if accidentally left in water.
  2. Packaging and directions differ from shop to shop (as with many other Khadi products).
  3. Non-cardboard plastic packaging.

My Verdict:

In winters, you will still need to apply a mild body moisturizer afterwards. In summers, it’s good just as it is.

It’s a fairly good soap to give at least one try for all its herbal goodness but don’t expect extra-ordinary wonders too fast. But I would highly recommend this soap to people with Sensitive skin who get allergies and pimples often.


Best Khadi Soap?

Stars:  3.5/5 Stars

Available Online: 

  • Amazon-  here
  • Another variation with Scrub on one side- here
  • Nykaa- here
  • Flipkart- here


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