Unbiased Khadi herbal Honey and Almond-oil Shampoo Review

Khadi Herbal Honey and Almond Oil Shampoo Review
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Unbiased review of khadi honey and almond oil shampoo for hair growth and conditioning

Though it’s only now that Khadi got Mr. Narendra Modi for its endorsement and vice versa, I have used Khadi extensively over the years. Whole point of my reaching out to this brand was simply approaching handmade stuff from the small-scale industries who manufacture in the most natural way with the least preservatives possible. When pollution and chemicals are doing the best they can, a craving to do something better with oneself is obvious. Khadi Honey and Almond oil herbal shampoo has been used over and over by me in the past and this Khadi Shampoo Review comes effortlessly for me as I evaluate if it is one of the Best Khadi products available today.

Product:  Khadi Honey and Almond-oil Herbal Shampoo

Price:  INR 110 for 210 ml now

INR 95-115 for 210ml (in past 6 yrs)


Shampoo with excellent conditioner. Honey and almond oil are natural conditioners.  It is best for dry and brittle hair. It will restore vitality; make hair lustrous, soft and manageable.

Directions of Use:

Wet hair, apply shampoo and lather. Keep for 5 to 10 mins and rinse. Repeat if required.


Honey, Almond oil, aqua, Shikakai and Heena.

+ Colour from natural ingredients only.

true review of khadi honey and almond oil shampoo for hair growth and conditioning

My Experience:

This Shampoo comes in a regular Khadi-chaap (hindi)plastic bottle with a snap-on lid. Open it and find a dark amber coloured liquid very similar to the consistency of Honey with the sweet smell of almond oil. Looking at it feels …Yummy (only if it was allowed to eat it). Also one wonders if one can make it at home which I am very sure that’s very possible.


It does not lather too much on application but avoid the urge to use it in huge quantities to produce lather out of it. Why? Coz it contains Shikakai and Heena too, both of which are drying to the hair if used in abundance. I myself have had mixed feelings about this shampoo in the past but learned this lesson over time with careful observation only.

Honey is a natural humectant that retains water and moisture in the hair. Almond oil has the ability to penetrate hair shaft and nourish to keep dandruff at bay. Shikakai is most probably added to this product as ‘THE Cleansing agent’ (as none of the other ingredients is a major cleaning agent) apart from its ability to promote hair growth and shine. You can see there are no SLS/Parabens or chemicals to remove dirt and grease from hair and create lather. Shikakai has been used since ages as a cleansing agent for hair but overusing makes the skull and hair dry.

From my long time experience of using it, I would like to warn people with inherently very dry and brittle hair texture to avoid it altogether even though it has honey and almond oil (because Shikakai and Heena overpower with their drying effects). Khadi should improve this formula by reducing the concentration of Shikakai and Heena to the minimum possible so that hairs do not dry after use (yet allowing the purpose of cleaning efficiently).

 khadi herbals review honey and almond oil shampoo for hair growth and conditioning

Goooey Honey-like Consistency

As a user, my Pro Tip would be to use it as a conditioner and not as a shampoo. Yes! That is the way I have been using and loving it. I follow this up in a minimal amount after a single round of other shampoo. That way I don’t feel the need to lather it. I let it sit on head for 2-3 mins before final rinse. Hairs do become shiny and smell heavenly of almonds for a good 4-6hrs post wash.

For people with mixed and oily hair, buy and use it as a Conditioner like me in low quantities.

For all those people who believe in the Ritual of Shampooing Everyday , use this product in minimal amounts (one time application, don’t repeat) for 3 days as a shampoo (don’t overuse) and 4th day as a Conditioner only. Honey and Almond oil can limit dandruff over time.

Trivia: Almond oil is a sealant of moisture and so helpful for people who use heat for hair styling regularly.

Pros and Cons:

Now for the final evaluation:


  1. Its smell and texture is light and delightful.
  2. Doesn’t irritate scalp.
  3. Cheap Price: You have seen the price comparison in this article above over past few years. It has not increased a bit.
  4. Does make hair shiny after use.
  5. Might help in dandruff in the long run.
  6. My Pro Tip: Best used as a Conditioner after other shampoo for oily hair.
  7. Almond aroma lasts for 4-6 hrs after wash which is LOVELY!
  8. Removes Oil after oiling sessions or if your scalp is inherently very oily.


  1. Doesn’t Lather much. Very minimal.
  2. Used up fast if used daily as a shampoo because it one tends to use more for lather (but would run longer if used as a conditioner).
  3. Snap-on cap is not leak-proof. Tip: Chances of spill in winters is less as it solidifies a little bit.
  4. People who have a tendency of having very brittle hair with other Shikakai shampoos can avoid it.
  5. Packaging needs improvement- a push pump may be added.
  6. Packaging and directions differ from shop to shop. But this is a constant problem with all Khadi products as many different small scale companies manufacture these fixed product formulations and supply them in similar (but not always the same) packaging. So you should always check the proper name and specifications of the product before buying.

My Verdict:

I will surely buy it in future to use as a Chemical Free totally natural conditioner which is very pocket friendly by pricing. I have a mixed hair type which tends to get quiet dry in winters like many people. But as a shampoo, its use has to be in moderation with some care and understanding of the situation.

After oiling session, I remove the oil with other shampoo, and then follow with this product for 2-3 mins and rinse. The shine I get is SO totally worth it!!

Ratings:  4.5/5 Stars (as a conditioner  😆 )

          2.5/5 Stars (as a shampoo  😳 )

Available Online: Click to buy


khadi honey almond shampoo buy online

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Have you bought and tried this shampoo in the past? You liked it or not?

Also tell me if you learnt to love it like me over time. Comment below.

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Khadi Herbal Honey and Almond Oil Shampoo Review

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