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khadi natural soap
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I and my Sister were on a shopping expedition to Connaught Place Delhi about 2 weeks ago and also visited The Biggest Khadi Shop there. In case you don’t know where, it is situated very near (walking distance) Regal Cinema or Madame Tussaud’s Delhi Wax museum. That’s where we grabbed what I would now call a “Handmade soaps Haul” which we thought should be suitable for dry skin in winters. Out of that, what I am reviewing for you today is Khadi Almond Oil and Saffron Soap.

Product:  Khadi Pure Almond and Saffron Body Wash/ Soap Bar

Price:  INR 65 for 125 grams


Ayurvedic handmade Body-wash with essential Oils. Khadi pure almond and Saffron body wash evens skin-tone, lightens and softens skin, mildly bleaches skin, adds natural glow, fades away pigmentation marks and blemishes, cleanses pore deep impurities.

Directions of Use:



Almond oil, pure Saffron, essential oils etc (??? Wtf).

My Experience:

This saffron yellowish soap comes in a transparent plastic cover and is also termed as ‘body-wash’ on the cover. It smells very mildly of Saffron even after wetting.  Saffron is known to benefit in skin pigmentation, heal dry skin and impart a lovely glow. Also almond oil is a good moisturizer, reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

What I found slightly irritating is the list of ingredients mentioning etc. in the list and not giving full details. Also I wish to know what the essential oils are actually added in the product so that buyer can avoid anything which may have caused him/her allergy in the past. Also I don’t understand the description stating ‘Mildly Bleaches skin’. Is there a bleaching agent in the etc. that I should know about?

Date of expiry is 2 years from the date of manufacture.

I and my sister are using this soap from last 10 days or so. As for me, I liked the mild saffron fragrance but it doesn’t stay more than 10mins and skin does glow for few hours after use. Didn’t irritate my skin but did nothing for my dry facial skin (I have a mixed skin type with a tendency to get very dry in winters).

My sister got fresh eruptions and itching after 2 applications and so she discontinued further use. That is all the more reason to know about the ingredients- maybe she had an allergy to something from those etc.

There is another variant in the market and Khadi website which doesn’t have almond oil in it (maybe that’s a better choice. Can’t tell until I try that one).


Pros and Cons:

Now for the final evaluation:


  1. It lightly smells of saffron.
  2. Pocket Friendly.
  3. Quiet Gentle as compared to non-handmade or chemical based soaps.
  4. Lasts very long.
  5. Not tested on Animals.


  1. Doesn’t Lather much. Very minimal.
  2. Full ingredients list lacking- may cause allergy.
  3. Packaging and directions differ from shop to shop.
  4. Fragrance doesn’t last long.
  5. No significant instant or far-reaching benefits noted!
  6. Exact Soap not available online yet.

My Verdict:

Though this might be a pocket-friendly, chemical free and natural skin conditioner, this alone is not enough for tackling dry skin. I need to apply a skin conditioner or oil afterwards.

I won’t say it will cause allergy to everyone (it never did to me) but those with Sensitive skin types should avoid using it.

Please don’t confuse this one with another Khadi product of the same kind having Almond milk instead of Almond oil.

Star Rating:  2.5/5 Stars


Pure almond oil and Saffron 😉

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